Last RCIA class


We had our last session today. I can’t believe it has been eight months. The Rites, Sacraments, instruction. RCIA is truly a worthwhile journey. I never thought I would be Catholic and I would recommend RCIA for those who are seeking and inquiring.


Congratulations & welcome home. God bless you.


Well done good and faithful servant.

You will have such a great spiritual life, full of joy, and a surprise of learning different things around every corner, going on a spiritual retreat at a Monastery is a must, so much to do, Rosary/Eucharist prayer- Holy Hour/ Holy Mass/ so much reading on the Church/teachings/Lives of the Saints/Popes going back to the first St. Peter, life stories on Converts like ourselves.

If you get EWTN - there is a programme called The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi who himself was a Protestant Pastor, and he interviews the various denominations coming Home to the Catholic Church, interesting to watch if you get a chance.

Once again, Welcome Home as a newbie Catholic , your journey is now only starting.

God Bless , Walk with the Lord.


Congratulations and welcome! I am also a convert (2012), and I still miss my RCIA classes. You are so right; it is truly a worthwhile journey. Like you, I did not expect to become Catholic - or anything else for that matter. My heart was hardened for so long. Thank God we answered His call.

I am so very happy for you, my friend! God bless. :slight_smile:


Belated Congratulations to you North of Nod, May the Lord always have a twinkle in His eye when he looks at you…

God Bless Walk with the Lord.


Thank you for your kind words, Celtic Maiden! God bless.


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