Last recorded person born in the 19th century

Emma Morano is now the last known person born in the 1800s. She was born November 29th 1899. She is now 116 years old and the oldest known living person.

I find it amazing to track these things, like I knew my granddad, born in 1886, and my son, born in 2000. But to be the person who spans 3 centuries, esp when the main one was so exciting, that’s really amazing! Think of all she’s seen!

Needs a link to a news story

I think it will still be some time before the record for longevity is broken, which is held by the French woman Jeanne Calment, who lived to 122.

Not to play can you beat this, but my youngest brother had twins born in 2008, and his granddad was born in 1873. He never got to meet our grandfather, who died in 1941. Our maternal grandfather was born in 1882. We did get to meet him, although Bill was only 3 when Grandpa died in 1965. Our father was born in 1912. If the twins live to be 130 he might beat the feat of President Tyler, but should get extra credit because my dad and brother had only one wife each.

President John Tyler was born in 1790 and has two grandsons alive today. That may sound like biblical exaggeration, but it is not. Tyler had a son when he was 65 and that son had a son at 75. Harrison Ruffin Tyler was born in 1928, and his brother Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr was born January 3, 1925.

Tyler is the only president not given official honors in Washington when he died. He should get some mention for this.

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