Last Rites and The Eucharist


If someone who has not had their First Holy Communion, but was dying and was having the Last Rites, would they not have the Eucharist with the Last Rites? Or would THAT be their First Holy Communion? Or is it a third option?

Edit: and if they got Communion and survived, would they still need First Holy Communion? I’d imagine so.


The first time someone receives the Eucharist is their First Communion, whatever the circumstance might be. It’s not a separate sacrament.


If they were properly disposed (which is a definition of many potential footnotes for an adult that’s not received the Eucharist before) and in danger of death, the priest can exercise judgement about giving the Eucharist then.


In other words, one properly disposed receives the Sacrament of Communion every Sunday. It’s just that special emphasis is generally placed on the first reception.

If one were to receive Communion for the first time during The Sacrament of Extreme Unction, it would indeed be their “First Communion.”

Reception of the Blessed Sacrament during the Sacrament of Extreme Unction is called Viaticum and is optional, but as we are told we must receive communion to get to heaven I would say that in the circumstance suggested by the OP it would definitely be a good idea.


“First Communion” isn’t really something in its own right; it is simply the first time someone receives the sacrament, regardless of the circumstances.



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