Last Rites for people who can't be touched


Hey everyone. I was just wondering about this as I read about Ebola. As far as I know, you cannot touch a person with Ebola because any body fluids, including sweat, can transmit the virus. In a case such as this, how would a priest give someone Last Rites? Or would it even be possible?


Protect himself with gloves, etc?


I know of someone being anointed in the operating room.

Father wore the special scrubs that surgeons and other OR personnel wear.


I was given last rites when I was heading into surgery. I wasn’t even contagious but the priest didn’t touch me. His bedside manner was pretty awful. He was in & out so fast I hardly knew he was there.

I warned another person who had to go to the same hospital about him. Her experience was the same.

So I guess it’s not absolutely necessary to touch the person.


Best thing is to say a prayer for Fr. he might not be comfortable going into Hospitals, but under obedience might have been told to go, remember to much that is given, have to answer for more, which makes it harder for priests and nuns. He thought he had done his best, priests are only human you know, that is why they need prayers.

God Bless


Maybe he was sick and didn’t want to make you sick when your body was vulnerable, getting surgery and all


The priest prays, God does His thing. This is not something to fret over.
Be at Peace.


I’m not fretting over it. I just think it odd that someone who seems so distant & uncaring would be assigned to be a hospital chaplain.


Yes, it’s still possible.

The priest may use a cotton ball or cotton swab. The priest is supposed to use his thumb to anoint, but in cases of necessity the importance of anointing the person outweighs the rubric.


Interesting. Thanks for telling me FrDavid!


To expand on this further, is skin-to-skin contact actually required for any sacrament? I know Holy Orders requires the laying-on of hands, but I’ve seen pictures of ordinations in the Extraordinary Form where the ordaining bishop is wearing liturgical gloves.


Marriage :blush:


As it was mentioned, a cotton ball can be used (then disposed of properly by burning, and pouring the ashes down the sacrarium).

If push comes to shove, the priest could always pray absolution, and the Apostolic Pardon.


Maybe I’m in a strange mood today, but this totally cracked me up.



You got me there!


Actually marriage does not count, because “Josephite” marriages are also valid. The thing which makes a marriage valid is the exchange of consent, not the marital embrace.


Please stay on topic, everyone. Thank you.


Perhaps the priest could invest in an Eastern Rite anointing brush.


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