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:wave: Hello Everyone!

I am new here, and thought that I would formally introduce myself. My name is Sean and I am the sole member of a Christian (Catholic) thrash metal project called Last Rites. I have been writing music for quite a while but only recently got started recording. I hope to have some material ready for download in a month or two. The link to the music is:

I am always interested in hearing any thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticisms etc. on the project stylistically, lyrically, or otherwise.

Thanks and God bless!

Hi Sean, welcome to Catholic Answers Forum.
Did listen, but I’m the wrong generation!!! All the best with your music, although to name your music as a Sacrament’s a bit puzzling to me… God bless you :slight_smile:

Thanks for at least checking it out Trishie even though it isn’t your cup of tea :smiley: !

I wanted a name for the band that would be definitively Catholic. I thought through the subjects that I would be singing about, and I wanted to convery a sense of hope, of reconciliation. Now, I know that the genre of music is actually somewhat dark. Many of the people that get hooked on the sound are given a message of darkness and hopelessness, aloneness, etc. I want to contrast that.

Last Rites to me, is the very essence of God’s Mercy in that no matter how far we may stray from God, there is always hope to be with Him in heaven. To be honest, the link between my band name and the sacrament name may be fuzzy or ambiguous, but what it represents is God’s unfathomless mercy.

I hope this helps!

your song “virtual flesh” sounds like the Canadian thrash metal band ANNIHILATOR good song 2 thumbs up:thumbsup:

God Bless


Thanks! I have heard **of **Annihilator, but I have not heard Annihilator, so I am sure to be checking/comparing over the next couple of days :smiley: . You know I just heard of this Catholic death metal band O Buono Ventura just recently. Looking forward to hear how its coming along :wink:

Just a quick note: I have released a demo of three songs for download. You can get it off of my myspace (see signature). I think it gives an overall good feel of what Last Rites is about as well as demonstrate my writing and playing abilities. The download INCLUDES “coverart,” lyrics and of course the songs.

God bless,

I can not wait to get home and listen to this!!! (I’m at work, and since i work for the military, myspace is blocked.) i LOVE metal music. anyway i can get your lyrics?

i’m glad to finally know of a catholic metal band… im sick of going to metal concerts and hearing people trash catholicism.

anyone heard of War of Ages? Awesome Christian metal band too… =]

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