Last Sunday...

I realize I am newish to the forum and I want to thank you all for being very friendly and gracious. I wanted to share something that occurred at Mass this past Sunday. As my wife, son and I were sitting there, enjoying the homily as usual, I felt a very odd sensation. It was honestly unlike anything I have ever experienced. I felt a total calmness, a complete lack of worry and control for a few moments and something else I cannot quite put my finger on.

Now, am I claiming to have had some kind of “awakening” or being touched by our Holy Father? Not at all, I cannot and will not classify it as such but, I will say I have thought about since Mass and cannot explain it. I am not/was not feeling ill or operating under a severe lack of sleep but, still no feasible explanation.

I am not sure what it was but, I have felt so calm and peaceful since that time. Any thoughts or comments will be welcome, thank you…

“Peace on earth good will to men”

That’s how it feels - and now you know. Your were touched - by him.

Just a thought.

You were touched and blessed by God. That something else you can’t put your finger on is the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the peace He gave you.

When I first walk into my Church and bless myself with holy water I start to feel the weight of the world start to left. As I knell to pray I feel the stress in my life start to leave me. I go into what I call “the zone.” By the time I receive it’s as if only Jesus, the priest and I are present. It’s hard to explain. That feeling of peace and calm lasts for the rest of the day.

God Bless and Welcome Home!!!

I love Philipians 4 especially the verse (NAB)
Then the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus…
Perhaps that type of peace?

Cherish that moment. Such moments of clarity are so few and far between that you will need it yet.

Don’t over complicate such a thing. You had a moment of peace from God, a tiny sliver of heaven to give you strength. It is a great blessing and I’m very happy for you.

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