last supper

Was the last supper the first celebration of the Eucharist?


Yes. Christ himself said do this in memory of me causing some that were there to leave in disbelief. Very similar with His protestant followers today and their rejection of transestanation.

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Hmm. You seem to be conflating the Last Supper narratives from the synoptic Gospels with the Bread of Life discourse in John 6.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, though? :confused:

I would say so, though the Anabaptist don’t usually use the tern euccharist. In the Brethren tradition rather than having communion each service we have the Love Feast twice a year. It is meant to be a recreation of the Last Supper and consists of feet washing, a small meat, and finally the bread and the cup. We see this as a symbolic act.

Luke 22:19 has Jesus telling the disciples at the Last Supper to “Do this in memory of me”–and if you look at the Last Supper, any or all accounts, it is very close to the Eucharistic Celebration. 1 Cor 11:23-29 also describes this. So, yes, the Last Supper was the first Eucharist.

If Jesus body was not yet broken, nor His blood shed,how could this be the first Eucharist?

The Eucharist isn’t Jesus’ physical flesh or blood. That is, when we receive Eucharist, we don’t taste meat or blood – and neither did the Apostles, at the Last Supper! However, the Eucharist is the True Presence of Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. On the surface, this seems like a contradiction. Bear with me, though…

In the Eucharist, we experience Jesus’ glorified body, in a sacramental way. Jesus’ glorified body is an a-temporal reality: it exists in a way that’s different than the way our bodies exist (after all, in his glorified body, Jesus could walk through doors, etc, etc – he wasn’t subject to the limitations of space and time like we are!).

Therefore, the sharing of Jesus’ glorified body in the Eucharist was possible at the Last Supper! In the same way that we receive Jesus sacramentally at the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass (or Orthodox Divine Liturgy), the apostles received Jesus sacramentally at the Last Supper.

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