Last week's TV ratings show season-low audiences

**I wonder if they ever thought the reason may they are pumping out garbage.


Last week’s TV ratings show season-low audiences

Other than for sports, I don’t remember the last time it was I watched network TV.

I saw that internet searches across all search engines combined was down 7% for the month of March. And then this shows tv show audiences are also very low.

Well, I think one definite factor for this is pretty obvious: Lent. And last week was Holy Week!!! C’mon Catholics, let’s keep stickin it to the man!!!

We have decided that when our contract ends with dish we will not subscribe anymore. We live in the mountains and must subscribe to satellite to get televison. We can get one station on a translator if we hold our mouth just right:D We had C-band but that has mostly disappeared. We can get EWTN so I am happy we won’t loose all tv. I have been seeing a new low being advertized. The “b” in some apartment. It looks horrible and has added to my desire to rid my house of it. I am sitting here trying to think of a good program on network or cable. I do enjoy a new one Awake. It is a strange premise. It is to new however to judge the quality.

I don’t watch TV anymore, and don’t miss it :slight_smile: sometimes it’s on at my house, but I prefer to watch movies instead.

Amen!! Especially that most Catholic of sports, baseball!

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