Late Eucharisty; can you help?

I’m 17 soon to be 18, and my mother is 35. We’re both baptized Catholics, have a strong faith in Jesus and we believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. But the thing is: neither of us have gone through the first communion. My mother didn’t have the chance when she was younger (my father and her weren’t married in church, but my father died), and we didn’t have much faith when I was younger, so if any of us want to marry, confess, etc., we’ll have to go through the first communion and all other processes. We both have no clue on how it is done (forgive me for not going to a church to get this questions answered, but I believe if my mom knows how it is done, she might be willing to go through the first communion), but when I was younger, my other Catholic friends had to go through a lenghty 3-year catechism process. Can this process be shortened or can we have some sort of ‘crash course’? Again, I’m sorry for asking all these questions, but I believe eucharisty is an important part of the catholic life and I’m willing to do it, even if it takes 3 plus years.
Thanks in advance,


I suggest that you contact your local Catholic parish. They will tell you what they require. Some parishes are able to adapt a program to such needs while others will require the two year RCIA program. There is much about our faith that you both need to know. By the way, there is no ‘y’ at the end of Eucharist. You are in our prayers. Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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