Late in life vocation?


I have a very romanticized conception of religious life/the priesthood fluttering about in my head, even though my current life situation seems to be gearing up for work and (God willing) marriage one of these days. Should I consider the diaconate at some point? And is it looked down upon if one “hears the call” late in life, as many medieval empty nesters did?


Most new permanant deacons I know are defiantly older than 55 s


I have had trouble to get in to an order because I am to old. But that didn't stop our Lord from calling us. Now if men over , 35, 45, 50 all cut off ages, become a third order and take vows then live in community and call it a semi cloister, (They my have to work and come back) can they wear a habit. they would live on there own money. We would do and act just as a real cloister, monastery, or abbey. ( for prayers) What do you think?:confused:


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