Late-term Abortionist Pendergraft Loses License Suspension Appeal

Abortionists seem to believe that they’re above the law. And what they do is so horriffic that I believe that more attention should be given to it. They make millons killing viable babies. It’s not like we’re talking about embryos. I believe the US Catholic Church should take a much stronger public stand on this issue.

This is the heart of the story:

The court ruled that Pendergraft violated state law when he did late-term abortions at his center that state law requires done at a hospital in case they are botched and a woman required immediate emergency medical attention.

The court also determined that Pendergraft violated state law which prohibits third trimester abortions unless two physicians certify in writing to the fact that, to a reasonable degree of medical probability, the abortion is necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the pregnant woman.

He should further be charged with murder.

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