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I planned on going to mass on saturday at 4pm, but my mom wanted to go at that time also and my sister (married with a baby) was over. My mom is always late, and I hate being late to church but I wanted to go at that time. Well, turns out we ended up being late because we went to Costco, and thought an hour before church would be enough time but it didnt turn out that way. We were about 15 minutes late to church. Is this a sin?? Should I go to mass again on Sunday?

Don’t worry so much and talk to your priest.

You might want to check the apologetic section since this is not the first time a question like this has been brought up.

If you are able to go again Sunday, do so by all means!

God’s gift of grace is free.

You could gently urge your mother if she could go to Cosco after Mass, knowing that there is likelihood of being late for Mass otherwise.
Were you present for the Gospel until the end?
The post includes
*“If there is just cause for being late to a particular Mass, one has still met one’s Sunday obligation (and can receive Communion), but being late should not become a habit. If there is not just cause, one may still have met the Sunday obligation but the fact that one has not treated the Mass as a serious and holy event to which one should be prompt might be a matter to consider during an examination of conscience. If the matter is not mortally sinful because of lack of full knowledge or lack of free consent, one can still receive Communion. Because there is no longer a cut-off point after which you are late for Mass, the temptation to regularly budget one’s time around the Offertory and skid into the pew just as it begins is removed.”
In light of these words, as it wasn’t your choice to be late for Mass you have fulfilled the Sunday obligation. In that your mother didn’t intend to be late also, but Mass is the primary obligation. Having experienced the danger of being late for Mass by shopping beforehand you can only try to encourage your mother to leave shopping until after Mass.

While I would also suggest going again on sunday just to be sure (unless you get proper dispensation from your Priest, ie him saying you’re fine) I would also add that it is much better to be late to Mass, than not attend at all. You don’t give the impression that you make it a habit to be late to Mass, so I wouldn’t worry so much about it.

You are not obligated to go to Mass again. There’s nothing wrong with returning to Mass on Sunday morning if you want to, but you don’t have to “make it up.”

You sound like you are not the kind of person to make a habit of coming late to Mass. God knows exactly what happened. (He’s always with you, after all). So, this one disappointing experience can be seen as a one-time event.

If I were you, I’d find a charitable way to communicate to your mother that you are happy to go to Mass with her, but that in the future, you will go with her only if you can go together on time. Explain that it’s a means of showing your respect for God and for the folks who got there on time and may prefer not to be distracted by late-comers.

This may be an opportunity for a wee bit of catechesis for your mom. You want to be present for the Introductory rites because they prepare you to receive Jesus in Word and Sacrament. Since the Mass is the prayer of the Church, being late for Mass is a little bit like praying the Our Father by starting in the middle instead of at the beginning.

I hope this is helpful.

Turning up late for Mass is not a sin, whether its through no fault of your own or deliberately, although in the case of deliberately it would be disrespectful.
The sin regarding Sunday Mass would be deliberately not attending at all (by this I mean can’t be bothered going) and thereby not fulfilling the Sunday obligation (which includes Saturday evening Mass).

you were not in control over your arrival to mass. You didn’t want to be late so I am pretty positive you did not sin because you were late. If concerned, check with your priest. It is better to arrive late than not at all.

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