Late vocation with debt. Any religious accepting candidates


Please leave lists of possible organizations. Thanks


What age is “late,” because it can differ between religious orders.


I’m not sure what “debt” means in this context, but I will offer a comment anyway.

Generally speaking, religious Orders and Congregations, etc, avoid accepting so-called “late vocations” for a variety of reasons. This is nothing new, and stems, in part, from the fact that it is far more difficult for an older man to accept the confines of the Rule and/or constitutions. That’s not to say older men cannot live in community, though, since some Orders do have what are sometimes called “externs” who live with the community but are not formally part of the Order: they are not professed and may leave at will. Whether any Orders/congregations still do this I don’t know, but one could always inquire.

There are, of course, options for late vocations, and most dioceses accept them gladly. And even within the diocesan structure, there are some possibilities available under Canon Law for those who are not really called to the life of active ministry. These are best discussed with the vocations director. Actually, the whole topic is best discussed with one’s spiritual father or at the very least the vocation directors of the Order, Congregation, or diocese. IMHO, an anonymous internet forum really isn’t the place for it.


Although I’m still working on finding more men’s orders, I have compiled a list of religious communities that accept older vocations. I don’t know how old you are but I focused specifically on ages 50 and older. I hope this helps:


Thank you. It has been very helpful.:tiphat:


Very few will take on a candidate’s debt. There are a couple of organizations who will assist with such.

What are you feeling attracted to doing?

Please feel free to PM me.




Your list includes the Capuchin Franciscan - Western America Province (Our Lady of Angels province)

they do have a stated age limit of 40 but do consider individuals above this age on a case-to-case basis.

pax et bonum


You need to get the debt looked after first. If it’s student loans, benefactors and societies can help. If it’s personal debt, usually that means paying it off yourself.


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