Latest abuse revelations and the next shoe to drop

It’s odd how evil can reinforce evil.

The latest scandals…which again and again we see the 80% number (same sex abuse) and all the cover ups…will lead to a quickening of the decay in the moral strength of the Church in society.

The pope won’t be able to say anything to Donald Trump. He’ll just be able to raise an eyebrow and say “but Francis…”

So the pope’s moral position/bully pulpit has been horribly eroded by the McCarrick’s of the Church (the stories on Obrien as overseer to the US Military chaplain are now coming out and it’s just as horrible…again the 80% number).

The States’ attorneys general are all winding up to begin their own investigations…

They will FORCE certain changes in the Church (marriage, divorce, remarriage, adoption, tax exempt status, possibly the content of religious education, homilies perhaps)…and the weakened (politically, or morally) bishops will cave in order to get the federal and state dollars (for various programs) coming in.

The church will get smaller and less powerful. And return to it’s roots of truth and tradition. These are the fruits of power that we see now.

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