Latest attack on Catholic Church and Christianity

If you thought The Da Vinci Code was bad, wait until you hear about this hateful smear!

The latest to hit us from the world of ‘make- believe’ and fiction, which promises to make Dan Brown appear like a quaisi-catholic apologist :frowning:

I am not particularly purturbed by the news. We are after all ‘at war’ with the world, a war not of our chosing, but we have on our side Christ, who has overcome the world.

To all and every critic and attack against HIS Holy Church I say BRING IT ON! :smiley:

Er…sorry, forgot to mention it :o

I refer of course to Dan Browns other profanity which attacks the Pope and the Vatican.

The director of the Da Vinci Code [hoax] film is about to direct another film called ‘Angels and Demons’ which is not only controversial but highly insulting and blasphemous…

Stung by the poor reviews the film ‘the Da Vinci Code’ received, it is alleged that he is committed to ensure this latest abomination is a greater success than the earlier film.

I can understand my fellow Catholics being offended by our beloved faith coming under attack by the Scum of Hell, tut tut, to attack Christ’s Holy Church, the Power of the Holy Spirit on our side I say: BRING IT ON!!! :thumbsup:

Ha ha Lol, Christ is with us ’ until the end of time!’ :slight_smile:

Are you keeping it secret?


what in heaven’s name are you speaking of???
You didn’t provide a link ???
God bless,

Yes bring it on, whatever it is. :shrug:

I thought I was missing something! :wink:

Sixtus, please, the suspense is killing me! :whistle:

Is it the Secret? Because you sure seem to be overly secretive about this.

Any word when this little comic piece is supposed to be out?

I have read the book, and I rather enjoyed it.
I didn’t see where it was as offensive as the Da Vinci Code.
It is where a Priest (or cardinal, I can’t remember) tries to accent to the papacy through murder and deceit.
But I didn’t think that it was trying to push forward a heresy like the Da Vinci Code did.
To me it was just a good murder mystery.

I can see where any attack on the church could be seen as evil, but I did not see this book attacking the teachings of the church, or the fundamentals of Christianity.

Oh Boy-another Dan Brown argument!. I liked Angels and Demons which, BTW, was written before the DaVinci code. My only real complaint about the Davinci Code is they made such a lousy movie out of a god book

Btw-I hope this thread ends before my new harry Potter book arrives…

I hope Dan Brown repents before he meets Jesus at the Judgement because his next piece there will make global warming look like an ice age.


I hope he writes a few more books before he meets Jesus

I will probably get a lot of grief for this but I’ll say it anyway. While I agree that DaVinci Code (and I’m sure Angels and Demons, from what I’ve heard of it) are very, negative and promote hersey, I saw a huge opportunity to educate the faithful when this movie came out. I feel as a church we failed BIG time. What DaVinci played on was our lack of knowledge of church history, a lack of understanding of why we believe what we believe. When I read DaVinci :eek: :eek: I knew enough to know that the facts in the book were not really facts at all. I knew that the history was rewritten or implied as history BUT not really true. What I did not know was the total story. So what I did was find a book with the real history and read that book (Triumph The power and the glory of the Catholic Church by H.W. Crocker III). I did not take anyone’s (Dan Brown’s) word of the truth. I also began taking classes through our office of religious education to learn and understand why believe what we believe. It has given me a greater, deeper understanding of my faith.
So what if this time around instead of wasting time talking about what is wrong with the book or movie or whatever why not take it as an opportunity to present classes or lectures or discussions on the truths about our faith. Let’s take time to educate. If we educate the faithful (and the interested) we stop the ignorance that makes these books so popular. Just my humble opinion.

It’s not a waste of time to talk about books or movies that distort or attack the faith. There is plenty of informtion available to Catholics, not only including books published by Ignatius Press. And this forum is also a good place to educate people.

Here’s the Catechism of the Catholic Church online:

The waste would be encouraging others to see movies like this because they might contain a positive message in the midst of a heresy.

God bless,

Good book? Eh, please. A five year old could could read a book like that without any problem. Please, if you want a good quality book, you should turn else where.
I’ve been more insulted by other anti christian slurs than the Da Vinci Code. I literally laughed while reading that exuse for a book. It saddens me that someone who is that lousy at writing and story telling was actually taken seriously by some people!
I thought the writing style of Nicholas Sparks was bad, but man, he’s a literary genius compared to Dan Brown.

I know what you mean-I became a wiccan after i saw the movie

Could you send me your copy of Angels and Demons? i lost mine.

I am glad you got a good laugh out of the book. I get a good laugh reading threads about Harry Potter Dan Brown-the biggest threats to Catholicsm since Nero died!

I would have thrown my copy away for being a waste of my time (I could have been reading some quality books!), but it belonged to my brother and i’m not sure he would have appreciated it.
I mainly got a laugh out of Dan Brown being considered a good author. He doesn’t have any writing skills. What he write is so completely shallow. I mean, here he is trying to make Mary Magdeline this supior being, and the one main female charactor in his book is a complete idiot. He’s no good at story telling either.

I don’t laugh at people who think making fun of Jesus isn’t a threat. No, I don’t believe Dan Brown is the biggest threat, but it’s not good to take his writing lightly. While I may detest his poor penmanship, I detest his mocking My Lord and Savior even more.


In all seriousness, I have to ask: since when are trashy pop-pulp novels an assault on anything other than our aesthetic sensibilities? If you feel you absolutely have to live up to ‘blessed are you when people persecute you because of me’, you can still find real persecution pretty easily some places. You don’t have to make it up.

But you just love micking people who disagree with you opinions on books. go figure.

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