Latest developments in the battle against swine flu

Latest developments in the battle against swine flu

The World Health Organization urged doctors Friday to treat suspected swine flu cases as quickly as possible with antiviral drugs, warning that the virus

Video: H1N1 Child Deaths Rise

Cases RiseVaccine Shortfall Predicted as Swine Flu New York Times

can kill fast, researchers agreeNew flu Reuters

do you get the feeling that one day you get one story and another day you get another story? i don’t know what to believe anymore.

Yeah :smiley: I just watched a previous episode the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and he had a segment over the swine flu and how everyone was so worried and we should have a vaccine and now that we have a vaccine everyone is saying it may not be safe… I’m not sure what to believe either.

I have done a TON of research on this. There is a lot not getting out.

Here is a link to another thread with links about the vaccine:

*Most doctors that I have been in contact with say it is safer to get the vaccine; than to go without …
in the end it has to be an individual’s decision …
it is not always an easy one to make.
God Bless Us All,
Angel Face

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