Latest Edition of Guide to Religious Ministries has been published

This is the 32nd annual edition for 2011.

It is the companion to www.religiousministries. com.

It is free to religious ministries, dioceses and spiritual directors, and costs only $10. for lay people.

You can order by calling 914-632-1230 or send an email to

Reminder: if you want it sent in a plain wrapper, SAY SO. I asked for this, but they forgot and I got questions from family members. Or have it sent to a friend.

There are cards to pull out, mainly for the men’s communities, and ads, which help pay for the publication. It includes all communities who fill out the questionnaire, and is the most comprehensive guide in the US. It is updated every year. Descriptions include contact info.

I received a survey from VISION, which I filled out, not too helpfully, as I am not discerning. However, the survey did remind me that there are many blogs out there now, many of which are listed in VISION…also lots of YouTube videos, of course…

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