Latest Fr. Altman Video: "Vote God's Platform"

Fr. Altman has released a new video, which I post here without editorial comment for purposes of discussion.

It appears all the Fr. Altman threads have closed, so I started a new one. If there’s still a previous thread open, I’m fine with this being merged into it.

God’s “platform” is beyond the scope of politics.

Vote for who you want, but let’s stop looking to the state for answers.


We are, however, supposed to be ‘in the world but not of the world’. That doesn’t mean that we can, for example, litter and waste because this world is ‘norhing’ to us and our only focus is heaven. In order to ‘get to’ heaven, we need to prepare ourselves here on earth.

So what we do on earth is important.
But it is also more than just ‘material things’.

Not littering or wasting things is common sense and it is not something found “ONLY’ among Democrats, for example.

Since 1973 haven’t we been throwing away preform children and wasting millions of lives? While we are rightly concerned with taking care of ourselves, each other, and God’s creation, haven’t we kept millions from experiencing that care? Do we want to work for justice for everybody?

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