Latest Guiliani Press Conference

As I said, in the next 2 weeks, it could be Monday. I am sure the lawyers are aware of the time constraints.

Of course, launching a barrage of lawsuits is an old Kling…er, sorry Trump tactic. He’s been doing it for donkey’s years. It causes confusion and sows chaos.

In all fairness though, the lead lawyer did not know he was holding a briefing at a landscaping company next to an adult bookstore. I went to the street view. It was most interesting. I like the fact there was an actual event venue, of a sorts, across the street, next to the crematorium.

So, I would not assume a lot of awareness. None of this bunch are election specialists.

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Apparently few of them have heard the old saw “The devil’s in the details” either.

There’s a follow-up to this, for those interested. After significant pushback from Trump fans (I saw videos calling Tucker a traitor and Benedict Arnold), Tucker put out a short update video:

how convenient, a week after Michigan certifies

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