🇦🇺 LATEST: NSW is the 'gold standard' for COVID-19 management according to Australia's PM | OP: Australia seems to be keeping a lid on covid-19 – how is it doing it?



New South Wales (all Sydney area)

NSW is on alert even though that’s very low for a state with 8 million people compared to other places in the world. With 10 - 20 new daily cases for the last few weeks, this is how serious Australia is taking it:

Victoria Pop: 6,651,074
Previous record highs: 515 new cases in 24 hours (July 27), 10 deaths in 24 hours (July 26)

10 of those 13 deaths could be connected to aged care settings


From midnight this Sunday all Victorians will be required to wear a face mask when outside their home, regardless of where they live.

Face masks have been mandatory in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire for a week.

Additionally, from 11.59pm today, residents in a number of local government areas will be banned from visiting people or having guests at home.

New South Wales Pop: 8,128,984
Almost all recent cases in Sydney) (note the 189 new cases that stands out in the graph was a reclassification of cruise ship passengers)


Queensland Pop: 5,129,996


“First, a man in his 20s who had returned from the United States and was in quarantine, and a couple who had eaten at the Apollo restaurant in Potts Point in Sydney which is a known cluster and identified cluster.”

The couple who returned from Sydney self-isolated as soon as they arrived back in Queensland.

They are all isolated and pose no risk to the community, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

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Prior to outbreaks in Melbourne, Australia went without any coronavirus death for about a month.

Aged care facilities and cruise ships have been ground zero for the deadliest outbreaks.

The Newmarch House cluster in NSW has so far resulted in 17 deaths, the Dorothy Henderson Lodge aged care facility, also in NSW, is linked to six deaths.

Thirteen deaths have been recorded at other aged care facilities around the country.

Meanwhile, the Ruby Princess cluster remains the deadliest outbreak in the country with 20 deaths linked to the cruise ship.

Nine additional deaths have been linked to other cruise ships.

New South Wales is still on the edge of a second wave like Victoria.




Five million Melburnians have spent their first night under a citywide, coronavirus-enforced curfew that will last the next six weeks.

Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday announced a suite of tough new COVID-19 regulations designed to limit movement in Melbourne, while foreshadowing more to come for workplaces.

New South Wales

Why NSW has so far avoided Victoria’s crisis and the failures seen in the US:

It feels a long time since Sydney was the epicentre of Australia’s coronavirus pandemic.

John Kaldor, professor of epidemiology at the Kirby Institute at the University of NSW, said NSW has “a very substantial and effective” contact tracing team in place, which is helping stem the pandemic.

“They are detecting a steady amount of cases but so far the vast majority of those cases are linked to known outbreaks and they are picking them up in pretty good time,” Prof. Kaldor said.

“The number of mystery cases is still very small.”

He said daily case numbers need to be unpacked, as it was the mystery transmission cases which cannot be linked to known cases which represented the greatest risk.

Even a freshly reported linked case could be someone already in quarantine, he said, meaning that person has not been out in public potentially infecting others.

Currently, around 10 per cent of NSW daily reported cases are people infected from an unknown source.

Yet despite this low number, Prof. Kaldor said the situation in NSW remains “a concern” because the virus is so infectious.

If you have too many cases that can’t be traced, you end up like Victoria and the US.

With proper leadership you can get the numbers down to zero community transmission:

New South Wales

Of the 12 new cases reported to 8pm last night:

  • one is a traveller in hotel quarantine
  • three were household cases acquired in Victoria
  • eight were locally acquired

Of the eight locally acquired:

  • one case linked to the Thai Rock restaurant Wetherill Park
  • two cases attended the Apollo restaurant in Potts Point
  • two cases attended Mounties, Mount Pritchard and
  • three are linked to people who attended Mounties, Mount Pritchard

439 new cases, 11 new deaths

New South Wales It seems they’ve fell short of getting it under 10 new cases a day but at the very least seems to have prevented a second wave at this point. No lockdown like earlier this year and no mandatory face coverings (just highly recommended).

Of the 12 new cases, 1 is a traveller in hotel quarantine & 1 is locally acquired with unknown source.

10 linked to known cases inc:

Still not good enough for Queensland.

“When you have even a couple of unknown sources of a virus, that can have tragic consequences if you don’t focus your energies on tracking down each and every case and you ringfence each and every cluster,” Ms Berejiklian said. [Excellent advice for governments around the world]

Victoria Things aren’t getting better despite Melbourne under lockdown for about a month.

Victoria has recorded 725 new coronavirus cases and 15 new deaths — the highest daily totals in the state since the pandemic began.

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New South Wales That contact tracing work is working very well.

Still not good enough for Queensland. So they closed their border to NSW again.


The state had recorded 466 new coronavirus cases, with 12 deaths in the last 24 hours.

An inquiry into what went wrong has been delayed due to the state’s stage 4 coronavirus restrictions.

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Even assuming China doesn’t lie about its stats, “Australia’s” problem is one city and an inquiry will be held.
Also, why do you insist on posting about communist China on my thread about Australia?


As my father (who is Chinese) frequently advised me: ‘the only thing in a Chinese newspaper that one can safely assume to be true is the date’.


I’m just posting in respect to your title claiming that Australia has a lid on Covid which is laughable when compared to China.

And its not just one city, its 2 cities at least, and in such a small country which also happens to be an island, should have done much better, but in the end, its not doing anything near as good as any province in China except Hubei, where there are much higher density of population and land borders. So I’m purley talking science, and in this case just happen China has led the world and shown by example how to combat Covid scientifically.

Oh, I see. You’re shilling for communist China. Given the fact that you’ve flooded multiple threads with pro-communist China posts.

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Show me the evidence! Whereas they are plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Oh the irony.

Oh the irony.
By the way, keep spamming my Australia thread, I’ll get the moderator involved.


I see. Anyone who disagrees with you is a spam. Which forum rules have I violated?

I think @ATraveller can be excused for engaging in a bit of hyperbole. That part of the title is as it was when he or she first started this thread in early April. At that time, there wasn’t an immense amount of reporting (especially from non-domestic news outlets) on Australia’s management of COVID-19.

What I said was a generality. In any case, I’m not especially interested in jousting with a user who evidently has an unusual penchant for introducing (and defending) the PRC in threads that have almost no relationship to the PRC.


Then why engage in a song and a dance about how ‘science wins over ideology’ and introduce the PRC?

Brunei is doing quite well too, but one does not see other users reciting panegyrics about the Abode of Peace, and how we all should be subject to His Majesty Hassanal Bolkiah, whose sultanate must be a paradise of learned, apolitical scholars and scientists.


oh please, I am in Victoria. Noone can stop this virus. Once its out, its out.

Define ’ combat Covid scientifically’

keep posting but define what you mean with examples.

You are not making any point, just expressing opinions at this point.

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Sure of course. Finally there is someone interested in science.
Why don’t we talk about universal mask wearing, universal testing (did you read that abc article), and giving health workers n95 mask instead of just surgical mask? These are the things that seem to work.

I’m here to seek the truth and please spare me all the ideology. If you can back your claims with facts, please do.
St Thomas Aquinas said, every truth, no matter who utters it, must come from the Holy Spirit. Why are people so scared of the truth?

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