🇦🇺 LATEST: NSW is the 'gold standard' for COVID-19 management according to Australia's PM | OP: Australia seems to be keeping a lid on covid-19 – how is it doing it?

oh please, all Victoria is required to wear masks, the science backs up their efficiacy. Its mandatory. Are you even in Victoria?

Since you are talking science, what is the issue with n95 masks. Because guess what, they are not for this virus. You are wrong, they dont work for this virus. Given your robust science discussion, it will be simple for you to tell me why

You want truth, scientific truth, then quit quoting long centuries dead saints and jump into the space all Victorians are in atm.

You want truth of this virus, only God can stop it. We can try to limit its spread.
You want truth of how its impacting people?

Do you want your truth or the truth of the reality?

Really? Where did you get this from? I think most medical experts would disagree with you.

I suggest you quit while you are ahead, go research why mr science

then get back to me, i am in lockdown in Victoria and have all the time in the world to point out your out of date errors

We can start with this.

Lets start with you telling me in your own words why n95 masks are not for use in this pandemic.

links dont impress me

Give you a hint if you ask nicely

N95 filters the virus much better than sugical masks.

ba baam, work at it, you will find the answer

You can have a free hint if you ask nicely, it just may save you if facing a person wearing an n95 nask, from catching the virus from them.

oh please, quit with the games, answer the question, any tradie knows the answer.

Phone a tradie. Even better just google, as you have done in a repetitive manner, and get the answer.




I’m making the point that Australia has not put a lid on covid even in April. And the best example is that there are other places that have done far far much better.

If OP changes the title to: Australia has not controlled covid, need to learn from other countries who have. Then I can stop posting here.

Just did a search on the Chinese coronavirus in Australia, a total of 295 deaths for the whole country. I agree you can stop posting here as you’re talking utter nonsense.

Stop calling it


New Zealand just went 100 days without a new diagnosis, All countries could learn from the Kiwis

My Chinese grandfather told me the same.


Not really, they are a small island that chose to lock down and stamp out the virus. The bigger you are, the harder it is to stamp it out, just look at Australia.

And most countries never had the goal of eradicating the virus, just slowing it down

yes really, size apologetics doesnt go far here, , the fact a country, county, state, town , village, cruise ship, ( you get the idea) has managed to record zero cases for over three months means they have got something right.

Ever been to New Zealand? It has a lot of international travel passing through, and a lot of travel in the Pacific closer to home.

Australia is working at getting this latest outbreak under control, and should be seeing results of its current measures in a few weeks.

As to your last comment, huge generalisation. ’ most countries’

I don’t think Australia was doing anything wrong in theory or on paper. After all, the rest of Australia is still doing better than most of the world. It’s just that the rules weren’t implemented well in Melbourne.

She said each hotel was run differently, depending on the DHHS member in charge.

Its more then just quarantine rules broken, its people not doing the right thing, positive cases not staying home, people all going shopping and the beach and large gatherings, people infected running borders. The quarantine issue is fast becoming a big cop out for this explosion.

Aged care have a huge incidence because of employees working through agencies and going to several agencies a week. Spreading Covid. That practice is going to be stopped.
People have symptoms and go to work because they wont get paid otherwise.

the ‘it wont happen here or to me’ mentality has led to this.
Young people are convinced its only an old people disease.
People are convinced kids wont get it.
People are convinced its not real.

We have our share of Karens here.
We also had very slow contact tracing. Usually the public knows , through rumour, which supermarket or bakery had positive workers at least several days before officialdom states go get tested if you bought a meat pie from that bakery.
The beauty of facebook.

On the plus side testing is really fast turn around time.
We are swimming in masks. They were all sold out during the bushfires early in the year. So the gov has done well there.

Completely forgot that many weren’t staying home. I posted that last week(?).

That’s unfortunate hear. That is incredibly important. It’s how South Korea and Taiwan were containing it without a lockdown and how NSW has been on the edge but has fallen off it for weeks.

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ROFL, Precisely because the travel is by air, it was easy to shut it down, and only gradually open it up to selected countries that are virus free. In Australia I read the containment problem is from people driving between different territories.

Size and ability to control borders really does matter, you cant name one large country with open land borders that has been effective in stamping out the virus. Even China with their draconian containment policies suffers from travelling infected. Also China has the express goal of stamping out the virus. Very different from policy in the US and Europe.

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Yep, the government has started putting young people who had covid on tv and interviewing them in an attempt to ram home the seriousness of this to the idiot fraternity who just dont care and continue to do the wrong thing.

NSW has a lot to answer for over the Ruby Princess. Its the principle source of the viral spread here.

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I will take your uninformed answer and your expression of mirth as no, you havent been to NZ. But yet, You will sit on your keyboard and discuss the NZ experience. Australia shut down international travel pretty fast too, in March.

NZ has a lot going for it as a tourist destination, and for stopovers between Aus and the rest of the world, NZ and the Pacific Nations, it also has a point of entry and stopover before the Antarctic.

And no the containment problem here is not due to Ned Kelly border crashers, except for 1 cluster involving youngsters in suspected highly illegal other activities.
Its due to reasons outlined above in this thread. Specifically covid positive people not staying home. Among other things.
People with symptoms going to work, or lunch, or into a crowd gathering, and then there is the meat works and Aged care and schools clusters.

I really dont think you understand what and how borders between states operate here or just what limited opportunity people have to traverse them, due to rivers and desert.

Europe fwiw is made up of many countries, dont generalise with a sweeping ‘Europe’ clause.

Australia has 2 territories, they are like states, but get the fancy name ‘territory’. The big desert outback Northern territory, and the ACT, a small cold place, really cold like minus 5 minimums in winter, we call the capital territory. Scotty and his mob dwell there along with that long standing tent city.

We have 6 states, one of these requires a boat or plane to get to. We dont have copious roads between states like you do in the United States. Driving across a few states/ territories here can take several days and going off the beaten track can mean death.
Our state borders are pretty easy to police.

Wear a mask and practice good hygiene and stay the *** at home if you have even the slightest symptom and get tested.

Who mentioned stamping out the virus or it on any country’s agenda? I certainly did not. Are you throwing up a strawman?

A person would be delusional to think this virus can be ‘stamped out’. God is in charge . People seem to be forgetting that.

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