🇦🇺 LATEST: NSW is the 'gold standard' for COVID-19 management according to Australia's PM | OP: Australia seems to be keeping a lid on covid-19 – how is it doing it?

Having worked with Australians a lot when younger I find it very, very bizarre. Australians tending to obey, not a characteristic I associate with the Australian outlook. They will obey something sensibly and logically thought out yes, or if you explain your reasoning. But as a people they are far from sheep and pretty strong-willed and able to argue their corner.


Hong Kong is still part of Red China. Those who report on Hong Kong are not dependent on state-controlled sources for their articles, but one needs to at least consider the possibility.

But is it? Do we want to believe information from China? Does India know what its occurrences are, and is a storm coming to them? The U.S. is the next most populous country, so these numbers don’t tell us anything definite.


Trump has zero business touting medical regimes. Nor taking any credited for doing so.
He needs much more discipline in his messaging to help the nation develop coherence in an effective response to the virus - as other nations have done.


We understand the dynamics of epidemics. We also know what the mitigation strategies introduced in other countries. Our numbers tell us where we are, where we would go in the absence of mitigation strategies, and how effective the strategies are. With some discernment, they also give insight into the effectiveness of measures used in other countries.

This is the type of judgement, judging the hearts of people, that has no place here. It is uncharitable. The post above that you responded to is still there. I challenge you to find the happiness in it that you did not assume.

Occasionally, when it seems the news forum has blown up, I will count the threads (the op-eds) and see if my perception of CAF’s political orientation is a result of confirmation bias or is legit. I will not say the consistent result I get each time, but it is a way to see if this place really is full of people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome(as someone coined), pro, or con.

2477 Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury.278 He becomes guilty:

  • of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor;

Yes, and if and when more data comes out, then it might show a different picture. There is no point in any discussion based on blind speculation as to what numbers might exist. We do not know yet. In any case, presenting more data would be better than attacking the emotions and private thoughts of others. The United States is still number three (from the bottom) per capita among nations with a statistically significant population ( not St. Kitt, for example), behind Italy and Spain. Again, that is based only on current data.

I would also point out, that at this point, we do not know how many will die. I would hope that all here have enough memory to remember all the “flattening the curve” graphics. The point of that is that it would spread out the disease greatly in time. We really have no more that an idea of how this will play out in Australia as well.

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Per capita, the U.S. is about No. 7 or 13 among likely truthful first world states, depending on whether you discard the “mini states” like Andorra and Lichtenstein. The ultra-high rates among those tiny states might be due to some statistical anomaly, or it might be a better indicator than the rate anywhere else.

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But it’s ok for journalists to do so? Because I had been reading about it for probably over a week before he said anything.

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Journalists touting medical regimes? No, not OK.
Do you have a links for such touting?


Have you read what Trump said and what Dr Hahn said? Here is a transcript of the press briefing at which Trump commented on hydroxychloroquine.

I ask you to do this because I was surprised that media narrative did not really match what was said.

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Hope they keep that downward trend. Good news from anywhere is always welcome, it is more people feeling some relief. And an opportunity for us to learn how to handle it better.Same hemisphere also and winter yet to come.
Prayer for Australia

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Have you read this:
And so on …

Can you show the entire tweet? I can only read part of it.

Of course.
Can you also show all of what Trump has said about the drug?

From the briefing or every single thing?

ETA: I can do the briefing but not every single thing.

What was said in the briefing does not fully convery the frequency and nature of his touting.

of how it was reverberated in the media.

This one is all on the media.

How it was reverberated in other comments and tweets.

I stand corrected. Number five.


I think that is all with at least a population of ten million. Why that number? Australia has about 25 million, so I think any lower would be work too well on this thread. The point is, and I do not know how this can be denied, that there is evidence to say that the United States is doing a really bad job and dealing with this outbreak


Please provide some evidence on this

NY, NY, WA, MA, etc are all testing at or above the level of Australia.
Some Covid hospitals in NY may be running hard, but we haven’t exceeded our ICU bed capacity anywhere, which is the main goal.

The only glaring screw ups I can see are

  • NYC was slow to social distance
  • US should have banned travel from Iran and Italy much sooner.
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I did. The data. It is evidence. I did not say it was proof, or conclusive, or even the only evidence. But it is evidence. It is a reason, as in why it is a reasonable position that the United States has done a worse job than others, like Australia, in dealing with the COVID - 19.

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