Latest on HHS standoff

Cardinal Dolan warns fellow bishops ‘we have to prepare for tough times;’ mentions civil disobedience as possible strategy

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Finally, a priest who is not afraid to proclaim the truth. God bless Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

I hope catholic institutions really have the guts to do it.

What if the day comes and we refuse to cover abortion pills and contraception? What if we refuse to pay the fines? Is the Federal government REALLY prepared to seize all catholic universities, hospitals, diocesan properties and social service agencies?

I pray that we jointly have the guts to stare them down.

Henry VIII essentially shut down Catholicism in England with his Act of Supremacy.

This administration seems intent on shutting down Catholicism in the United States, (or remaking it in the image of the HHS). Those who are behind the imposition of the HHS mandate are hostile to religion and to Catholicism, and will do everything possible to shut us down, even at the cost of the public welfare.

Yes, and Henry VIII lopped off heads that were inconvenient to him too. I’m hopeful America isn’t that far degenerated yet.

I think if we all stand tall and say NO, the bullies might have to blink.

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