Latest on Trudeau government forcing charities to declare support for abortion


At issue is a new requirement that applicants for federal grant money to hire summer students — including churches — first have to affirm the Liberal position on reproductive rights.

Law societies in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia, for example, have refused to accredit graduates from a proposed law school at Trinity Western University, an evangelical Christian college, because its student honour code prohibits gay and lesbian sexual activity.

*It’s important to note the writer failed to mention Christian universities expect and require their students to live God-honouring lives and that includes no sex outside of marriage. Of course, I don’t expect him to use the term ‘God-honouring’ since I’m not sure if he’s Christian and this is a secular libertarian-leaning paper.

Groups representing mainly Christian doctors have also been in court fighting for their rights in regards to assisted suicide. They argue that making referrals for patients seeking medial aid in dying is a form of abetting euthanasia. But in January, Ontario’s Divisional Court said the rights of patients trump the conscience rights of doctors.

In 2011, the Saskatchewan government ordered several Christian marriage commissioners to perform same-sex weddings, even though the 2005 Marriage Act, which made same-sex marriage legal across Canada, allows for religious dissension.

Since 2006, 16 anti-abortion campus groups, mainly composed of Christian men and women, have been refused campus-club status or have had their status revoked, according to the National Campus Life Network.

*Note Saskatchewan had a ‘conservative’ government at the time and still does. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Watch out for them.

The idea of secularism itself seems to have shifted. Where once it meant that all parties, including faith groups, could participate in setting the public agenda, with no one group dominating the other, it now seems to mean no religious participation at all — except from those liberal denominations that support abortion rights, euthanasia and same-sex marriage.

“Secularism has now become a belief system like any other,” said Elia. “If you speak to a secularist, you’ll see that the dogma to which they adhere is consistent and they defend it with voracity often unrivalled by religious people.”


What the Trudeau government did was an absolutely wicked thing. To force non-profits to endorse the murder of children is downright evil.

Service Canada has told the groups they can resubmit with the full attestation, and some are making a second try by requesting accommodation for their religion and conscience. But unless the government backs down, their applications will be rejected again.

For the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto alone, the impact on their nearly 30 parishes and charities is $1.1 million in grant applications. “We’re kind of in limbo right now, but obviously making contingency plans,” said spokesman Neil MacCarthy.

Youth for Christ’s chapters across Canada have used the grants for years to fund more than 100 student jobs annually. Toronto City Mission, which runs day camps in impoverished neighbourhoods, received $70,000 last year for 16 positions. Winnipeg’s Centerpoint Church has used the grants for 24 years to hire two summer students; Mill Bay Baptist Church on Vancouver Island used a grant last year to hire a First Nations student. All have seen their applications sent back this year over the attestation.

Conservative MPs have posted letters about the attestation from all kinds of groups, not just churches. The Great Lakes International Air Show wrote to Ontario MP Karen Vecchio to say its board had decided it couldn’t sign. Loon River First Nation wrote to Alberta MP Arnold Viersen to say it can’t sign the attestation because it discriminates “based on values held by the applicant.”


The Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ont., for example, said it had planned to apply for $35,000 in grants but would take a stand against the attestation by not applying.

The rejections are not necessarily final. Groups who dissented on the attestation were told they could resubmit within ten days with the full, unmodified attestation. Many re-applied with a cover letter asking for religious accommodation, and have not yet heard a final answer. However, the government has said it is not backing down on the attestation requirement.




Whereas the Tories allow people from both sides of the abortion debate to be members and in high-profile positions in the party (Rona Ambrose versus Stockwell Day), the Liberals ban new candidates who are pro-life to run in ridings and the NDP I believe is doing the same and now also removes special jobs from those who dissent very slightly on abortion.


This is, after all, hardly the first time the Liberals, under their current leader, have attempted to demonize any and all opposition to abortion, no matter how mild, as outside the bounds of civilized debate. There was the ban on pro-lifers running as candidates for the Liberal party, or on Liberal MPs voting anything but the party line on abortion, notwithstanding the tradition that such matters of conscience should be left to free votes.

There was the walkout in protest at the Conservatives’ nomination of reputed pro-lifer Rachael Harder for chair of the Status of Women committee, as if her views on the question automatically disqualified her from representing the interests and concerns of Canadian women.

And now this. No big deal, you understand: you can continue to hold whatever beliefs you like about abortion, the government told faith groups. You just have to sign a document pretending you don’t.

Amazing to see a party founded by a Baptist minister turned into a vehemently anti-Christian one but seeing this story offers a speck of hope.


Trudeau will never budge on this, ever.


The rejected groups were allowed to re-submit, and many did so with a cover letter asking for accommodation for their religious and conscience beliefs. But the government has not budged, and final rejection letters are expected to be sent out soon.

“This leaves hundreds of programs across the country vulnerable,” the letter says. “These groups must now consider modifying or cancelling programs, while others will be forced to launch emergency fundraising campaigns. It is disheartening to think that this whole situation could have been avoided.”

B.C. MP Nathan Cullen said a broader discussion would have been “much better than sorting it out on the fly, one by one, which is what was happening.” Cullen, who expressed concerns about the Liberals’ attestation back in January, did not vote on the Conservative motion.

Another MP said there were emails going back and forth on the day of the vote, with several New Democrats expressing similar concerns to Christopherson’s. In the end, however, Christopherson was the only New Democrat to vote against the party line. “I have sympathy for Dave’s position … but on the other hand, he knew this was the type of vote that generally you need to present a unified front,” the MP said. “He knew there would be consequences if he voted that way.”


Such is the severity of God’s judgment upon Judas. Consequently it is entirely to be expected that churches would not follow his example.

Why then does this Liberal government keep telling us to do just that?


Wow. It actually blows my mind that a country like Canada would do something so blatantly anti-religious, so counterintuitive to liberty, to its own citizens. This is why I think faith based schools, especially Catholic schools, should stay away from ever taking public money. Once you have it, you rely on it, and once you rely on it, the secular government can flip on you and is remarkably willing to try and force you to violate the principles of your faith to keep the money.


That’s a bit of problem since most Catholic schools in Canada are publicly funded.


I know, and if trends continue the way they are going I think that will be a real problem for the Church in Canada, as the government increasingly tries to use the pressure of funds to force the change of certain teachings.

I was thinking more of people calling for the US federal or state governments to publicly fund private faith schools. The federal government already uses the pressure of funding to force policy changes on public state schools. Faith based schools would be no different, if not worse. I think the only viable solution would be individual school vouchers, not direct funding from the government.


So … there is only ONE acceptable opinion.

[“When we want your opinion, we will tell you what it is.”]


That is because he is an evil man.



Hopefully this will be short-lived as Trudeau’s popularity is falling.


Maybe not evil.

Maybe just young and inexperienced.


I have my doubts. I can hope you’re right, and I do, but I don’t think you are.


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