🇨🇦 Latest on Trudeau's third ethics scandal, WE Scam: Trudeau appears willing to go to the polls to prevent the creation of a new committee to probe Liberal scandals

Fooling broadcasters on the pretext the address was important to give free air time for what was in essence a political ad.
Whoever wants to legislate a ban on prime ministers from ever making American-style TV addresses again might get my support. That stuff has no place in Canada. Prime ministers aren’t presidents. The Canadian way of doing things is the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the House of Commons and get grilled by the opposition after the address. Guess he didn’t want someone mentioning his scandals during a special live event that broadcasters made room for in their schedules.

A story that’s also worth reading:

As uncharitable as this may be I can’t stand our prime minister. I really can’t.

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Trudeau and Co. have something to hide…

ICYMI, other Trudeau and Co. issues in the last few months:

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Yet BC is doing it…and completely unnecessary too…snap election at the whim of our premier.


The Trudeau gang are so desperate to hide these documents they’re willing to have an election as COVID cases continue to skyrocket across the country.
Let’s hope the Governor General will reject an election and the Conservatives find a temporary deal with the NDP and BQ to govern through this wave and hold one once cases start to decline again.

Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez declared Tuesday morning that when the motion to set up the committee that is now being debated in the House of Commons comes up for a vote, the Liberals will consider it a confidence vote.

That means, if it passes with the support of all opposition parties, then the government could fall and Trudeau could trigger a snap election in the middle of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

Early indications are that the Liberals will once again be looking to the NDP to back them, with the Bloc Quebecois stating this is a problem of Trudeau’s making and they’ll support the Conservative motion. Though, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the brinkmanship going on is senseless.

I was never optimistic the opposition would be smart enough to put their differences aside, form a loose coalition or create a confidence and supply deal, and amend the motion to delay any election in order to try to capitalize from whatever Trudeau is hiding.
It’s also unfortunate so many in Canada are so ignorant of our political system but know more about how the American system works, which is nothing like ours. A vote of no confidence doesn’t automatically mean an election. That and the fact even people in public office such as the vice regal officials don’t understand their own roles and powers…

If the Governor General and Lieutenant Governors did more research, they would know they don’t have to allow an early election because the premier wants one. But we’re so republicanized and made completely ignorant by our failing education systems that we continue to allow our politicians to abuse their power and cover up their stinking corruption.

A first motion aiming to acquire WE Charity speaking contracts involving Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau failed last week when Bloc Québécois MP Julie Vignola joined Liberals in voting against it — by accident, the Bloc said then.

“We were victims of a communications problem,” Bloc MP Marie-Hélène Gaudreau said.

An MP on the ethics committee shared what he said during a virtual meeting of the committee.

Another MP on the ethics committee:

I hope the OECD wisely reject Morneau.

Global Affairs Canada doesn’t know yet how much Morneau’s campaign will cost taxpayers

Nineteen public servants at Global Affairs Canada (GAC) are working on a part-time basis to help former finance minister Bill Morneau’s campaign to become the next secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to figures tabled in the House of Commons Friday.

Morneau’s five-year tenure as finance minister abruptly ended in August. He resigned while the Commons finance committee was in the midst of a deep dive into the Liberal government’s decision to hand a multi-million-dollar summer student grants contract to the WE Charity, a Toronto-based organization that has since shuttered its Canadian operations in response to controversy over the contract and its corporate governance and real estate holdings.

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