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I find it strange no one has made a thread for Canada. Equally strange is I focused so much on Australia but not on my own country.
Only the hardest hit provinces (I’m not copying and pasting 10 different graphs from Wikipedia).


British Columbia

Ontario (starts from May)

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Total New Today (July 22)
112,240 543

Case Status

Active Recovered Deceased
5,228 98,142 8,870

British Columbia (34)
Alberta (133)
Saskatchewan (60)
Manitoba (8)
Newfoundland (1)
Quebec (142)
Ontario (165)

A law just passed making it mandatory for all Quebecers to wear masks indoors.

I’m not exactly happy about that.


Why? I’m 62 and vulnerable (diabetes). I find masks inconvenient, easy to forget (so I keep a pack of disposable masks in my car, and a reusable mask in my cycling jersey), and uncomfortable to wear and they fog up my glasses on top of everything.

But at least they allow me to get out, get my groceries, go to the pharmacy, and just get out and about with less anxiety. So I prefer the inconvenience of masks to the the restrictions on my freedom caused by confinement.

They are, however, only effective if everyone wears one. The mask is not to protect the wearer from being infected, it’s to prevent an asymptomatic (or careless) wearer from spreading infection.

As it happens, I live in Québec and support this measure.


Yes, I live there too.

The fact that more than 99 per cent of donated blood samples contained no antibodies protecting against SARS-CoV-2 should also serve as a warning for most Canadians as the country reopens, force co-chair Dr. Catherine Haskins said in the release.

“By far, the majority of us remain vulnerable to infection,” she said.

"We need to ramp up testing and tracing capacity across the country to interrupt any chains of transmission quickly to prevent unchecked spread.”

Blood donors tend to be the healthiest. So no herd immunity is being built up among the healthy?

So why are you unhappy with mandatory mask-wearing indoors?

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I don’t think it was necessary to make it mandatory NOW nor do I believe all of Quebec should be affected by what is essentially affecting Montreal.

I understand the necessity for a mask however in places like hair and nail salons, doctor’s offices, clinics, barber shop. . .etc. where people are in close quarters/contact with each other.

But the recent rise in covid cases is mostly the result of HOUSE PARTIES, so why make masks mandatory now or because of this??

Quebec’s coronavirus cases are starting to rise and public health officials have tracked outbreaks to house parties and a suburban Montreal bar. In Ontario, an outbreak at a nail salon forced hundreds into quarantine while British Columbia, which has reported few new deaths in recent weeks, is seeing an uptick in cases as people expand their social circles.

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Mainly because the people who got infected at such a party is someone you may encounter at the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. And in those places they may encounter vulnerable people (like me!) for whom being infected is far from benign. As the saying goes, others’ rights end where they negatively affect mine.

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Speaking as a blood donor, I wish the term “herd immunity” would be banned from the known universe.

"Herd immunity" only applies to the patients who live through it.

For reasons I cannot fathom, some earthlings believe that this disease is like a tub of ice cream at a birthday party: when it’s gone, it’s gone. The piglets at the front of the line get more than their “fair share.” The sad puppies at the end of the line get a dribbling spoonful, just enough to remember what ice cream tastes like.

This disease is not a limited-supply item.

This disease is like a forest fire. The more fuel [i.e., patients] you provide, the more it grows.

Scripture tells us very, very plainly the nature of fire (Proverbs 30:15-16). No forest fire ever cried, “I am full; I am weary; please stop feeding me.”

Nowadays we would cite Terminators. “It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be bargained with. It doesn’t feel fear, or remorse, or pity, or fatigue. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Obviously more people survive this disease than survive Terminators, or even forest fires. But it is because both are world-famous that I get exercised about this offensive and inaccurate term.

I’m not trying to frighten anyone. With self-discipline, we can minimize exposure until a vaccine is found.

The only way we will have “herd immunity” is if everyone catches this disease and it weeds out countless numbers of children of God. Those who survive are immune. How nice for them.

Or when we find 1: a treatment. 2: a cure. 3: a vaccine.

Please know that I am not aiming at you, my fellow poster, but at the term “herd immunity.” It is inaccurate, repulsive, and inexpressibly cruel. But I also know that many people innocently use the term without knowing what it means.

{/end G-rated rant}

(And yes, we blood donors try to be healthy. We have to answer about 70 questions describing our habits. Have our bodies visited Great Britain from 1983-1986? Mad cow disease. Whose genitals have visited from, well, ever? STDs. Did your mouth partake of food at an establishment that has been identified on See-List? Legionnaire’s outbreak. Et cetera. But for all our care, no blood donor can be said to be “immune” to anything if we haven’t been vaccinated against it.)


But if they got infected they would have to self quarantine for two weeks or more, no??

We were never obliged to wear a mask during the peak of this crisis but somehow now is the time to make it mandatory.

A simple solution of making house parties illegal for the time being would have been more apropos!

My father is 73 and is diabetic. He always wears a mask when out and about.

The WHO updated its stance on masks earlier this month, encouraging people to wear them when social distancing isn’t an option.


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The problem is asymptomatic carriers who may not even know they are infected.

I agree that the message on masks has been confused. They should have been mandated at the start! However back then there was a shortage even for medical personnel.

As for house parties, AFAIK they are still illegal in Québec, the maximum in a private residence is still 10 from no more than 3 households. The party that was in the news had over 50 that crashed it! Stupid is as stupid does, the mask is just one extra layer of protection against the covidiot next to you in the grocery store.

I hate the masks, but prefer a mask for a few minutes in the shop over an oxygen mask on my deathbed. Moreover the mask is not to prevent me from getting infected, it prevents the asymptomatic infected from spreading infection. Anybody can be infected without knowing it.

Kind of like seatbelts. 99% of the time they’re not needed, but if not being worn when they are needed, they are useless.


There is debate about whether there are actually asymptomatic individuals spreading the disease.

And that if there are it is rare.

Moreover, those in danger like the elderly or auto-immune compromised should wear a mask because it is they who are most likely to get sick and die.

This is why I’m not crazy about it being mandatory for everyone.


As I mentioned the mask is not that effective in preventing the infection of the wearer. It is most effective in preventing the infected from transmitting the disease, the mask on their faces contains the virus. The virus has an up to 14 day incubation period. Many people may not know they are infected yet. It’s why it’s imperative for everyone to wear a mask. Otherwise masks make little sense.


Now that some of the provinces are reporting their numbers again on Monday:
Ontario (119)
Quebec (145)
Manitoba (6)
Saskatchewan (31)
Alberta (91)
British Columbia (24)

British Columbia Premier John Horgan says drivers who have out-of-province licence plates on their vehicles should consider taking public transit or riding a bicycle if they’re feeling harassed by people.

Horgan also suggested on Monday that drivers change to B.C. plates to avoid trouble from residents who are concerned about the spread of COVID-19.

Police around the province have reported several heated disputes generated when residents questioned drivers about their out-of-province plates.


The package passed by the House of Commons last week also includes one-time payments for people with disabilities facing higher expenses, and extensions to legal deadlines for some court matters the pandemic has made hard or impossible to meet.

Bill C-20 passed on a voice vote without changes.

In a statement, the Bank of Canada said the shortage will not impact the consumer’s ability to withdraw cash, but rather it may require banks to alter their cash orders to incorporate other denominations.

“We still have $50 bank notes in stock, but the order adjustments were made in order to maintain adequate inventories throughout the next few weeks,” the statement reads.

The Bank of Canada could not specify why the demand has increased for the $50 specifically, but it released a staff discussion paper earlier this month that shows there was a spike in demand for all bank notes – though $20 and $50 bills were in highest demand – in April and May, compared to the past five years.

New cases:
Ontario (76), Quebec (176), Manitoba (3), Saskatchewan (50), Alberta (133), British Columbia (41)

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