Latest undercover abortion video talks about 'group purchasing program'


Washington D.C., Feb 12, 2016 / 12:15 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A new undercover video from the Center for Medical Progress highlights a major North American abortion group and its role in the transfer of baby parts, possibly for money.

National Abortion Federation members are shown in the video agreeing that payment for fetal parts would be a “win-win” for abortion clinics, according to the latest video from the Center for Medical Progress.

“Yeah, it definitely sounds like something some of our members would be really interested in,” Sandy Fulkerson, Training and Education Coordinator at the National Abortion Federation, appeared to tell an actor posing as a representative of a fetal tissue procurement company.


It just keeps getting more horrific.


Meanwhile, the whistleblowers that blasted the lid off these atrocities are being offered “pre trial diversion” for their felony charges. Link here:


It isn’t a news story and no one is committing a crime with someone’s perception that it’s “possibly.”

And the guy from the “Center for Medical Progress” is going to be in further legal hot water:

The legal troubles for David Daleiden keep stacking up. Daleiden, the head of an anti-choice group called the Center for Medical Progress, made headlines over the summer with extremely misleading videos making accusations that Planned Parenthood is running a black market, for-profit business in fetal body parts.

*These accusations, which have been disproved time and time again by various governmental investigations led to Daleiden’s arrest on Thursday in Harris County, Texas. The grand jury that charged him was instigated by Republican officials in the state who clearly wanted them to come up with some kind of charge against Planned Parenthood, but instead the grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing, instead charging Daleiden for falsifying government documents and attempting to buy fetal tissue illegally.

Right after Daleiden’s arrest in Texas, he got handed another legal defeat in California, when district court judge William Orrick issued a temporary restraining order against Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress, keeping Daleiden from releasing even more videos with footage he recorded inside the National Abortion Federation’s (NAF) annual meeting in 2015.*…



Well, this is an interesting take on why Daleiden is the one in “legal troubles” for making “misleading videos.” The videos present the words of PP executives and operatives telling what they do in forthright and honest words. If anything, it is their words which are to be assessed and determinations made concerning whether or not PP should be charged. Daleiden and Merritt are merely presenting the words and the intentions of PP executives and operatives. It is those words which should be used to determine what wrongful acts PP has or is perpetrating or not perpetrating.

Shooting the messengers is NOT appropriate in this instance. That would be like you, the journalist you purport to be, being charged for some crime because you reported evidence for some other crime. The question isn’t whether you are guilty of anything merely for presenting the evidence, the question is whether the evidence you have presented is sufficient to determine the guilt of the accused for having committed the crime they have.

The contention that Daleiden’s videos are “misleading” is, frankly, ridiculous. These are the actual words of the executives caught on film. There was NO manipulation of those words. if anything, the question is whether those employees and their words are “misleading” the public about what PP actually does. Even better, the more crucial question is whether the claims by defenders of PP, such as yourself, and Cecile Richards are not far more misleading since you are attempting to portray real evidence and the truth behind it as somehow inadmissible BECAUSE it establishes the guilt of PP beyond any reasonable doubt.

The only reason there is any legal “hot water” to be had here is because a beguiled judicial system is taking the side of a demonic organization. The fires are being stoked, without doubt.


Your source is - they call the videos misleading. Where is the evidence they are misleading? Planned Parenthood commissioned an analyses of the recordings by Fusion GPS:

The most important statement made in the report is that Fusion GPS’s “analysts found no evidence that CMP inserted dialogue not spoken by Planned Parenthood staff” (p. 2). The rest of the “findings” are reiterations of Planned Parenthood’s established talking point that the videos are “heavily edited.” This being the case, it is clear that Planned Parenthood’s representatives did in general say on tape the things reported of them. And that is evidence enough of a lot of things.

My emphases.

There is more information about Fusion GPS here. is not being totally clear in regards to the Grand Jury. Planned Parenthood was not as an entire organisation cleared of any wrongdoing per this source:“The grand jury was not asked to consider charges against Planned Parenthood of America, but only the regional franchise, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC). Just because no criminal conduct was found at PPGC does not mean that no other PP franchise will ever be charged.

In regards to the undercover work that the Center for Medical Progress has engaged in, there are even those who are Pro-choice who have concern over what has happened in regards to David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Check out what Professors Sherry Colb and Michael C Dorf have to say: "We are pro-choice, and we support the important work of Planned Parenthood, but we find the prosecution of these citizen journalists, however self-styled, deeply disturbing. -


The Houston DA offered them a plea deal. They refused-they said the only deal they would accept was dismissal of charges and an apology. The charges against them are ludicrous and I for one can not wait for this to be tried-the discovery portion should be very interesting, I suspect we shall see the Houston DA scrambling to find a way to dismiss the charges without losing face. He was sure they would take the plea deal-now faced with actually having to prove his case he is starting to panic.

It should also be noted the Houston DA did not present charges against PP to the Grand Jury and performed no investigation of PP. PP is being investigated by the State AG-we shall see what happens. The damage to this vile , evil organization has already been done as Texas and many other States have cut off their funding.

I have the misfortune of driving by Houston PP headquarters about once a week. I have the same feeling I have when I see pictures of Auschwitz. The difference is, of course, the slaughter is still going in in Houston


They turned them down-they said the only deal they would accept is dismissal of the charges and an apology. It appears the DA is looking for an face saving exit strategy


Since the entire videos are available on line the idea they were is nonsense. PP said what they said. They claimed they weren’t doing anything wrong but quit doing what they were doing anyway. go figure


Right! I really don’t think they want to open this up in an open court. I think this is motivated by a desire to shut pro-life people up, keep more truth from being told.


This is the truth!Sadly:(




Thats a stretch, but when they are caught red handed like this, have to imagine they will say and do anything to justify themselves…Sad.


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