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Hi all! I have this old prayer book that often concludes prayers with P.N.A.M., which obviously indicates that you should recite the Pater Noster and Ave Maria. However, there’s one prayer to recite against the deceits and influences of the devil, and it ends with A.M.N.O.P. I can’t for the life of me figure out what this stands for, and there’s no indication in the book. I assume that the first two letters probably stand for the Ave Maria again (although that could be wrong), but I have no idea what N.O.P. could stand for. I know a lot of Latin prayers, but I’m at a loss. Is there anyone here who might have an idea? Thanks!

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Define “old”, what is the publication date?

I can’t actually find a date on it, but it’s at least from the 18th century. Possibly even the late 17th judging from the language and typography.

Nothing exactly as you noted here, but you can peruse the abbreviations:

Can you post the prayer so we have context?

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Yeah, that would be VERY helpful. :wink:

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It’s "Archangel Michael, Nobis ora pro"
aka, with weird Latin grammar, "St michael the archangel, pray for us

High school latin ftw!


I don’t have a proper answer, but I find this one highly dubious, not least of all because it mixes up the queried abbreviation. Were this correct the expansion of A.M.N.O.P. would be Archangele Michael Nobis Ora Pro, which is especially poor high school Latin.
(People think word order doesn’t matter in Latin, but it does)

Wish I had a correct answer for the OP.

(Hey! Maybe that last part expands to "Original Post[er]"!)



I agree that the grammar is odd, but it’s not that comon to have such strange word order in Latin- its unorthodox but not too uncommon. And i think with the context clue that this is a prayer for protection against the devil is a pretty clear giveaway, personally.

If it were m.o.p., I’d say it was the Memorare. Otherwise, no clue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@gnosis_of_thomas —As a matter of interest, what language is the book in? English? Latin? Is there any indication of where it was published?

Does anyone know what Ant. is abbreviating? It appears in the Blessed be God prayer book.

Antiphon? That’s what it says here:

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Thank you! I have been wondering about that for two years!

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