Latin Catholic Church Rites and Uses

How many different liturgical Rites (e.g. Roman) does the Latin Catholic Church sui iuris have?

What Uses does each of these Rites have? (E.g. I believe the Roman Rite has at least three Uses: Ordinary Form, Extraordinary Form, and Anglican Use.)

Which of these Rites/Uses are extant, only used on certain occasions, or now not used at all?

Were all Latin Catholic Church sui iuris Rites/Uses revised following Vatican II or do some only exist in their pre-Vatican II form?

Do changes to all Rites/Uses have to be approved by the Holy See, or, for example, could the Archbishop of Milan approve changes to the Ambrosian Rite?

As I’m in UK I’m interested to know if Aberdeen, Bangor, Durham, Hereford, Lincoln, Sarum, York (and any others that may have existed) were Rites in the true sense of the word of if they were Uses of the Roman Rite?

What is the current status of Sarum Rite/Use? I know Most Rev’d Mario Conti (Archbishop of Glasgow) celebrated a Sarum Mass in 2005.

If you can cite references/sources in your answers I’d be most grateful.

P.S. Are there definitions for Rite and Use (or is it Usage?)?

My Understanding is, that outside of the monastic liturgies only the Ambrosian (Milan) and Mosarabic (Toledo) rites are approved. Both had a revival in the time of the Reformation, they were approved as older than 200 years. During the Centuries they became latent, used only occasionally, and were revived again in the 1920’s as part of the liturgical reform.

Like any rite, the bishop has the immediate control, but he had to get approval from the Apostolic See, Same is for the monastic rites, they had to ask and receive the approval of the Apostolic See.

The Sharum rite (due to the intolerance of the Elizabethan times) never got official approval after the 1570 rules. As far as I know some group is working on that, it is a beautiful rite.

These rites are the proof that the same Jesus Christ in the Eucharist could be represented by different clothes, but only under control of the Magisterium. We, laymen alone are not competent to make decision. It is not the matter of education, ir is the matter of authority, which connect us to the root, Jesus Christ.

I tried to make an comparision between the rites, in a dynamic webpage:

(one have to chose the rite and the language for both columns.

Don’t forget the Dominican Rite. It was well over 200 years old at the time of the Council of Trent.

There’s also the Rite of Braga.

So, so far we have:

Roman Rite (OF, EF, Anglican Use). There were also Alonquian/Iroquian “rites.”

“Local” rites: Ambrosian, Mozarabic, Braga

Monastic rites: Dominican, and I will add Carmelite, Norbertine, Cistercian.

Then the rites of unclear legal status today: “Aberdeen, Bangor, Durham, Hereford, Lincoln, Sarum, York” (All are Sarum variations I think, except Durham was its own rite), and I will add Gallican, and there were other minor French and Italian rites. All very confusing to me.

BTW the Dominican Rite is making a comeback, St. Joseph Province (Eastern US) has announced it will start having all new brothers learn it. It’s regularly celebrated in the Western Province. (Of course the SSPX Dominicans already have it.)

The Carmelites in Wyoming have the Carmelite Rite exclusively.

Recently Braga was celebrated publicly (you can find pics on NLM).

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