Latin Catholic & Maronite Catholic wedding and baptism rules?

My fiance and I are planning our Wedding. I was baptized Roman Rite and he is Maronite Rite. Is it true that Wedding and raising children must be Maronite Church?

I thought custom is to marry where the Bride was raised. What is the process if we decided not to marry Maronite Rite?

From what I have read, it is the custom of the Eastern Catholic Churches to have the wedding take place in the church of the groom. Whether this is a canonical or particular law requirement I am not sure.

If you wish to be dispensed from marrying in a Maronite church then you would need to consult with your local Maronite pastor since they have their own canon law and particular laws when it comes to marriage.

As for baptism of children, the canon law of the Latin Church says the following:

Can. 111 §1. Through the reception of baptism, the child of parents who belong to the Latin Church is enrolled in it, or, if one or the other does not belong to it, both parents have chosen by mutual agreement to have the offspring baptized in the Latin Church. If there is no mutual agreement, however, the child is enrolled in the ritual Church to which the father belongs.

Unless your husband agrees to have the children raised in the Latin Church they will be canonically considered members of the Maronite Church.

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