Latin/English Translation Help!

I am a high school teacher and would like to present some awards to outstanding theology students.

My question is this:

Can anyone help me with a proper translation of “outstanding student” into Latin?? I would like to put it on their award.

The best I have so far is: “Discipulus Magnus” Would that be correct? I need help by the end of the day if possible!! Thanks!

“magnus” would be “big” or “great”.
“discipulus praestans” sounds better to me (“praestans” = outstanding, excellent, literally it means ‘standing out’, ‘standing at the head of sg’)

A quick glance into my dictionary reveals that ‘outstanding’ has the following closest Latin equivalents: egregius, insignis, singularis.
I think “discipulus insignis” or “discipulus egregius” sounds quite good. (If the student is male - is that so?)

“discipulus optimus” for a male student and “discipula optima” for the other gender :slight_smile:

got past Latin exam this term :wink:

You might take a cue from university diploma-cy:

discipulus summa cum laude
"student with/of highest praise"


Thanks for the help everyone!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Mine was just a diploma cum honore.:slight_smile:

show-off :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider my university diploma invalid in any case, since it is inscribed in English, rather than Latin


I hear pharmacists have now taken English courses so they don’t have to read physician’s Latin. So there may be hope for your diploma after all.:slight_smile:

Seriously though, don’t you think secundum magnam misericordiam tuam sounds more poetic, majestic, and powerful than “according to your great mercy”?

Magna is better. Or is it major? :confused:

Major is greater, magna is great (fem.). The problem with Latin is that when you say, “ego sum pessimus omnium peccatorum,” it sounds like you’re boasting.



Sure does. Worst of the worst. Sounds like championship wrestling. :slight_smile: Or you can translate it as “baddest”. :smiley:

From the Harvard Crimson:

The morning exercises of Harvard’s 356th Commencement will begin with [Charles J] McNamara—who is a class marshal—speaking the traditional greeting, “Salvete.” The Classics concentrator from Lowell House will then deliver his speech “Iohannes Harvard, Eques Iediensis”—“John Harvard, Jedi Knight”—entirely in Latin, a language that will be understood by few in the audience.

But between the dative nouns and passive periphrastic constructions, McNamara, a native of northern Michigan, will mention “Han Solo” and “Chewbacca.”

Eques Columbi de Quarto

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