Latin Lauds and Vespers

Does anyone know where I could find a Daily Office prayer book? A traditional version where everything is in latin. I prayed this daily with the Priests of the Institute of Christ the King in Chicago when I was there visiting. I have looked every where I can think of. :banghead:

Angelus Press sells a Breviary-

Baronius Press should be releasing their edition sometime this year.

**Angelus Press sells a Breviary-…ouse&info=6597**

This is by no means a complete breviary, but merely a few of the Sunday offices, adapted for use by laity.

There is a bi-lingual English-Latin edition of the Monastic Diurnal, containing the nearly complete office (Matins excluded), but it’s according to the Rule of St. Benedict, rather than the Roman Secular Office. (Yes, there are differences. Believe it or not, the Office was not celebrated identically in all places in the Latin Church, even before Vatican 2.)

There is a reprint of the Diurnale Romanum (a Google search will give you a couple of sites) but I think it is only Latin.

There is only a full Latin-English Day Hours of the Traditional Monastic Breviary, called the Diurnale Monasticum or Monastic Diurnal, that printed by St Michael’s Abbey. Its a 1963 Benedictine Breviary and uses the Vulgate Psalter.

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