Latin Mass at St. Vincent Basilica, Latrobe, PA

I have been coordinating the efforts of students at St. Vincent College as well as people in the surrounding diocese for the celebration of private masses starting on September 14 in the crypt of St. Vincent Basilica. They will not be publicly scheduled or announced, so in order to know about them and request to attend, you will need to become part of our email list by emailing

Check out our website:

We have somewhere between 20 and 30 students, a few professors, and around 7 priests who are definitely interested (not all of them are competent in the rite yet, but are researching, studying, and being trained by those who are). In addition, I’ve been in contact with some of the organizers of the petition that was brought to Bishop Brandt a few years ago, I have heard that there were over 400 signatures, we are trying to get into contact with all of them and get them on our email list.

So anyway, we’re just a group of the laity organized in order to easily discover when private masses will be offered and request to be present at them, as is our right according to the appropriate canons about lay associations and the sections of the Motu Proprio which permit anyone to be present at masses “without a congregation”, ie not scheduled.

I saw in the archived Motu Proprio subforum, there was discussion about Pennsylvania, if anyone on here lives in or around the Greensburg Diocese, please get into contact with me and receive emails about when/where there will be private masses.

Bumping this to the top for any that missed it!

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