Latin Mass etiquette

I grew up with the Latin Mass and still remember it well, unfortunately I didn’t appreciate it. I would like to start going again and was wondering, do women have to wear something on their heads, even today?



No. Articles written about the first Indult Mass held here recently said that “some” did.

Please don’t speak on behalf of the entire Church.

The Church since St. Linus, the second Pope has unequivocally required women to cover their heads. Do you want to bread with a Tradition of the Church that has existed since prior to AD 70?

By the way, I attend Traditional Mass. The vast majority of women wear head coverings, dresses (or at least skirts), and modest attire, always the Sunday best. This is what I would suggest, as it is most reverent to God, and you would most likely be out of place (I can only speak for churches I have attended) if you do not. God bless.

The Canon Law of 1983 does NOT require women to cover their heads. Many women choose to do so out of respect for tradition.
It is a choice, not a requirement.

You attend Traditional Mass? I had no idea. :slight_smile:

But please, please get it through your head that this doesn’t entitle you to make pronouncements on dress code (you’ve been told that veils are no longer required, and your only response is to ignore current Canon Law). You justify your opinions (and they are just that, opinions) with old Papal writings, yet you justify disobedience of the current Pope by chanting a mantra about not needing to obey “fallible” teachings.

We’re being as patient as we have been to this point, since you say you’re only 17. But please, please don’t push things. These are discussion forums - NOT “eens and his Traditionalist party line” forums.

And to anticipate the inevitable reply - I am not challenging anyone’s right to attend and enjoy the Old Mass, I’m just so very tired of the incorrect and inflexible attitudes that often accompany it.

But it is strongly encouraged. A recent article in the Wanderer Newspaper regarding the first Traditional Latin Mass said at St. Thomas said, “Mary Jo West, diocesan public-information officer, told The Wanderer that . . . . “I was touched by all the young girls with the mantillas,” West added. St. Thomas Church made loaner mantillas available to women and asked that people follow a mild dress code, such as no T-shirts or shorts.”

Most people I see are honoring this request though a few bare heads and bare backs and shoulders have shown up. There is Tradition with a capital T and then there is that little t tradition which is custom and yes it is customary for women to wear head coverings (hats or veils) but not mandatory.

“We’re being as patient as we have been to this point”

I don’t disagree with the content of your post here Melman but why are you speaking in the “we” instead of the “I”. Have you become a forum moderator:p

Or to put it eubonically - who be we?

[quote=deogratias]Or to put it eubonically - who be we?

Eubonically? (see below)
All I meant was… it’s not just me, check some other threads. Folks are being civil, but it’s my sense that patience is running thin. Absurdities like “it’s a sin to attend a NO with abuses when a TLM is available” don’t sit well. If it’s just me then so be it… but I don’t think it is.

By the way, where is this “Wanderer”, is it online? I may attend the St. Thomas mass one day and would like to see what was written.

“A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

Thank you everyone for your help, I didn’t mean to stir up any controversy but it was exciting reading these posts. I’ll have to play it by ear. When I was young I had to wear one and I probably will this time too, but it’s nice to know that I have the other option. I’ll go with the Canon Law.

God Bless

Melman: You are not alone. The Conservatives consider anyone to the left of them a liberal.

The Liberals consider anyone to the right of them a conservative.

What about all us folks in the middle, who are just trying to follow the guidance of the Church?

Latin Mass etiquette should be no different than Ordo Missae etiquette. Modesty should be the rule.

I never could figure out why women had their heads covered; and given the fact that it too often played into a show, I like the idea of no scarf, or mantilla, or hat (hats especially drive me nuts). I attended a Mass the other day where a woman was wearing a hat, and she served as an EEM. Talk about distracting (the hat, not the fact that she was an EEM)!

Once a month there’s a Latin Tridentine Mass at a parish near where I live.

I’ve been twice.

The first time, it didn’t occur to me to wear a head covering.

Nobody seemed to mind. Nobody made me feel unwelcome because of it. A few people chatted briefly with me after Mass.

Second time. It was a cold day. I was wearing a nice alpaca-wool toque (new word for those who ain’t canucks … look it up, eh!). I left that on.

Melman - The Wanderer is a conservative (though I know you hate labels LOL) Catholic newspaper. There are some of the articles on line each month but I don’t think this particular one is but you can check at

OTM what is an EEM?

[quote=deogratias]Melman - The Wanderer is a conservative (though I know you hate labels LOL) Catholic newspaper. There are some of the articles on line each month but I don’t think this particular one is but you can check at

Funny thing is some Traditionalist call the The Wanderer a Novus Ordo publication.

[quote=Iohannes]Funny thing is some Traditionalist call the The Wanderer a Novus Ordo publication.

What do you mean call it one; it is one (and a liberal one at that)!

Puhleeze - it is conservative - see what happens with the labeling - do you think only those who attend TLM can be orthodox and conservative Catholics? The Wanderer supports Catholic teaching and theology - as does this forum. I attend TLM but it is no wonder some people think of Traditionalists as elitists who think they are more pious and better Catholics with remarks like that. I am afraid to ask what you think of “This Rock”. Guess I’ll start a new thread.

Amazing! All this over a hat. Thank God theology wasn’t involved!

+1 .

My parish offers the Traditional Latin Mass on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. Everyone is welcome headcovering or not. I wear one myself.

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