Latin Mass: I predict

Just want to get a jump on things for next year

…That the Holy Father will promulgate a universal indult for the Latin Mass in November 2007.

I wonder :hmmm: if this “November rumor” will be an annual event?

cf. [thread=80207]Latest TLM Rumor[/thread],
[thread=86600]November 19th announcement[/thread],
and probably others.

Who would love to be proved wrong by an announcement sooner

This most recent rumor seems more likely to be legit than others. I judge the legit-ness of my TLM rumors based on how upset the French bishops get about it–and they were really upset this time :smiley: .Plus, this rumor was discussed on EWTN’s “Rome Reports” last night :thumbsup:

Do you think the French bishops have the power to persuade the Holy Father to can the indult?

I think he’ll take their advice under due consideration–as he should–but I think the pope is the kind of man who will do what’s best based on all the informaiton, regardless of any pressure from certain bishops. The French bishops were also against the creation of the Institute of the Good Shepherd in France (a traditionalist institution for ex-SSPX priests) but the Holy Father approved it.

As much as I think the French bishops are on the liberal side, they do have some legitimate concerns. They experienced the Lefebrvist schism first hand and have the most experience with TLM/NOM strife.

[raises hand, stutters and blushes to ask the question everyone else is thinking]

“What does that mean… a universal indult??” :confused:

As it is now, priests must have permission from their bishop to use the 1962 missal. The universal indult would give all priests permission to use it without having to get the ok from their bishop.

Oh. :o Thank you, Genesis315. :slight_smile:
Man, thats a really good idea B16!

Semi-Annual :rolleyes:

The first rumor was that an indult was supposed to come during Holy Week 2006 and that came and went. So I guess in a game of let’s guess the date. I’ll predict it for Holy Week 2007. :wink:

All I want for Christmas is a broader indult, a broader indult, gimme a broader indult! :stuck_out_tongue:

“First”? Hardly (cf. the threads I refer to above – And I am almost positive I’d heard rumor that John Paul II, of blessed memory, was “definitely going to” do this in November 2004…).

(Come on, come on… Make me wrong! :wink: )

Hehe, you are probably right, I didn’t realize we were going that far back. :slight_smile:

I am just recalling that it was rumored twice this year that Pope Benedict would issue an indult. Oh well, I’ll just keep praying and waiting and I too would like to be wrong by seeing the indult announced sooner.

I have actually been wondering if perhaps he has something more radical in mind…

RE:I predict…
The ONLY possibility of a universal indult would be IF the SSPX officially accepted VATII teachings, or something very close to it.
In that case it would be “IF you accept VATII, we’ll issue a U-Indult.” kind of thing.
The U-indult persuasion is a biggy primarily for the SSPX.
However, the whole reason for SSPX is just as much rejection of VATII as it is the Traditional Mass.

I do not see the SSPX accepting VATII for another generation if then, so the U-indult is no more likely.
Think about it; what would the pope gain for such a horrific tumult in the church?
So, no U-indult even on the horizon to be realistic.

That’s not to say that he will not reign in the “flex masses” of the NO and promote more Latin useage in that mass as well as Gregorian Latin music. That is, dress up the NO to appear more connected to Traditional masses.
But U-indult…forget it. Such a thing depends too much on the SSPX capitulation.

Wait a minute! I thought it was this November, uh I mean Corpus Christi, I mean last November. You see where I’m going with this? We’re starting to look like the Witnesses with all of these failed predictions. Why can’t it be pray and wait rather than pray and predict? I’m so tired of getting a new prediction every six months or so. It’s really disappointing for some.

I would much prefer the Catholic faithful attending the SSPX in France than whatever “faith” the French bishops are offering them. In fact, there are more SSPX Catholics than diocesan Catholics in France.

Actually, in my twisted humor, I thought “we” were beginning to sound like the many “news” “reporters” who for ever so long predicted the “imminent” demise of Pope John Paul II, of blessed memory (Except that unlike them, “we” are not bound, by the stopped-watch principle, to the be right eventually)


I can’t believe I missed the sarcasm. What can I say? I’m a little under the weather.:wink:

I would much prefer the Catholic faithful attending the SSPX in France than whatever “faith” the French bishops are offering them. In fact, there are more SSPX Catholics than diocesan Catholics in France.

According to a recent poll done by the French equivalent to Gallup, 65% of people who identified themselves as Catholic thought it desireable to have the option to go to the Traditional Mass and 60% said they’d go occasionally.

I do think that practically the only people who go to Mass on a regular basis probably go to a TLM in France. However, like in America, there is still hope. Not all French bishops are rabid liberals with no vocations and their new vocations are orthodox.

There were rumors, but as far as I know, this was the first one that the French bishops felt the need to address. There definitely is an indult in the works. It isn’t if, but when. And when it comes out, I can’t wait to see the French bishops get theit rochets in a twist over the fact that people like it.

Vive la France! Still the eldest daughter of the Church. :slight_smile:

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