Latin Mass in Cleveland

I was possibly going to visit a family member in Cleveland this weekend but don’t want to go if there is no TLM on Sunday. It is about 5 hours from Cincinnati and too difficult to come back for Sunday Mass here in Cincinnati at a reasonable time.

Does anyone know for certain if there is a TLM in Cleveland and where it is? I checked the Ecclesia Dei website and it listed Immaculate Conception as a possibility, but I did not find anything to support this on

I don’t want to get up there and find out that it is not true.


Why don’t you call the church and ask?

did you call Immaculate Conception on the near east side, get the contact from masstimes site, but it has been a while but that is where we went last time we were there. if you refuse categorically to attend any parish that does not offer a Latin Mass there is a real problem which you should address with your spiritual director.

Isn’t Cleveland a see city?

Couldn’t you call the diocesan chancery and find out?

And, if you have problems in conscience with the Ordinary Form, there are many Byzantine and other Eastern Catholic churches in the Cleveland area.

I didn’t see an address or phone number for them.

IC has Masses at 8AM and 12PM…you can call to confirm…Phone number is 216-431-5900

OR St. Mary’s in Akron has one at 1PM

OR you could just attend an ordinary form Mass…you know, like the Pope does.

8 am is Low Mass. 12 pm is High Mass. I have gone to the High Mass. It is beautiful! :highprayer:

The noon High Mass is spectacular, and crowded.


St. Stephen Catholic Church in Cleveland now offers the High Mass on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Unfortunately, that’s not this weekend.

St. Rocco Catholic Church, also in Cleveland, is scheduled to offer their first TLM this Sunday at 6 p.m. I’m fairly sure it will be a Low Mass. I plan on going.

I bold-faced “scheduled” because they were scheduled to offer it once before and “the bishop didn’t give them permission.” That’s another story.

It wouldn’t be uncharitable to send him a copy of Summorum Pontificum now would it? :smiley:


The day that it happened, I told him:

“Father, I thought all that was taken care of with Pope Benedict’s motu proprio…that you didn’t need permission.” I used the word “thought” even though I knew for a fact. I just didn’t want to sound demanding.

His response:

“Oh no, we need permission. We took a vow of obedience.”

The whole issue was that the Bishop didn’t want them offering the TLM as a Saturday Vigil Mass. Which, I guess the Bishop is correct on that matter. But why didn’t the pastor just offer it as the Mass for the day…which would have been “Saturday After Ash Wednesday”?

His excuse for not wanting to offer it!. :rolleyes:

“St. Rocco Catholic Church, also in Cleveland, is scheduled to offer their first TLM this Sunday at 6 p.m. I’m fairly sure it will be a Low Mass. I plan on going”

Good to see them making the effort though. Hopefully it will be permanent.:thumbsup:

Those are religious order priests are they not? Hence the vow of obedience.

I can’t see the bishop having a problem with the latin mass, although I can see him opposing it as a vigil on principle.

Are you saying the pastor of the church was using that excuse…that he didn’t want to offer it?

If that’s what you’re implying, I really don’t think so. That day, the pastor celebrated a Novus Ordo in place of the TLM, because so many people came for Mass, and in the homily the pastor gave a heartfelt testimony of his preference for the Tridentine Mass. BTW, this church used to celebrate the Novus Ordo in Latin.

I am a member of Immaculate conception Parish. They offer both the Latin and English Mass
12 noon is Latin High Mass with Gregorian Chant. They also have Vesper, but I’m not sure when.

Uh this thread was from 2008. :eek:

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