Latin Mass Magazine

Does anyone know if the Latin Mass Magazine orthodox? I was considering subscribing but would like to see what others think of the magazine before I do.

No, it’s not Orthodox. Very Catholic, in fact.

A buddy of mine has contributed a couple of articles to it. Highly recommended. :thumbsup:

Sorry, I meant Catholic orthodox :slight_smile:

Thanks…I’ll subscribe.

Small “o”, yes…I’m a little slow this fine autumn evening. The Orthodox don’t use Latin anyway. :o


I have a sample copy of Latin Mass Magazine. Thought I haven’t read it in it’s entirety, I’m not sure that I could recommend it. In the issue I have, there is an article titled “John Paul II and Assisi: Reflections of a “Devil’s Advocate””. I’ll admit that from my little knowlege of what happened at Assisi I’m not crazy about what our late holy father did, but at the same time, I think calling him a “Devil’s Advocate” would be quite insulting and disrespectful to him.

Pax Vobiscum,

He may not have meant that the late pope was a devil’s advocate. I think the advocate was the article’s author. At least at one time, the devil’s advocate was a Church position. His duty was to present reasons why a candidate should not be declared a saint. It was part of the canonization process. I am not sure if that title is used today.
Let us know what you think after reading the article.
To answer the original question, I subscribe and recommend it.

This is correct. The author was placing himself in the role of Devil’s advocate with regard to the canonization of JPII.

I highly recommend Latin Mass magazine.

Yes, you can read the first part of Fr. Harrison’s article here.

If you can afford it, subscribe to it. It’s worth every penny.

Yes, I think it’s even sightly better (a bit more professional) than the New Oxford Review, which is pretty good, too.

I have subscribed to Latin Mass Magazine for several years and I would highly recommend it!

Does anyone subscribe to Latin Mass magazine and is it a good magazine?


They have me at the title


Very good magazine and I recommend it. I wish the published issues more often.

A year or so back, i read that the New Oxford Review had become a bit extreme. Any comments?

Their ads in other mags, featuring “Fr Bozo” or other trendies, were a laugh. :smiley:

I have subscribed to it from its inception. It is an excellent magazine. It is about Catholic culture and history, as well as liturgy. However, some of its articles are very detailed, or written for a fairly well-informed traditional audience, so be forewarned about its level of scholarship.

I have also subscribed to it for several years and agree with Chatter. It is always a great day when the next issue arrives.

Sounds great because I’m not looking for light reading. :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for your input.

I have subscribed to the Latin Mass Magazine for years, I highly recommend it. They are having a conference in Monterey, California coming up, with top notch speakers in a beautiful location:
I have been a few times, it is excellent.

New Oxford Review - I used to subscribe years ago, but then they started going over the edge, sometimes with some pretty silly stuff. If someone gave me a copy I would scan it for any good articles, but I wouldn’t subscribe anymore.

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Doctrinally solid and well written. An enjoyable and inspiring read! : )

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