Latin mass orders

Does anyone know if there are any orders in America (contemplative or active) other than the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter that celebrate the Latin Mass and are under the Pope?

The Institute of Christ the King.

Cleer Creak Monastery (Benedictines)

There is a Carmelite Convent in Nebraska that does the Tridentine mass.

There is also a Carmelite Monastery in Wyoming that does that Carmelite rite mass of 1938, which is basically a modified Tridentine mass. It is very cool.

These are all under the Holy Father and are not SSPX, or anything in that type of ballpark.

Pax Christi

Canons Regulars of New Jerusalem in St Louis

St John Cantius society in Chicago do latin NO and TLM

Opus Mariae Mediatrix --I think they have moved to Lincoln Nebraska

Slaves to the Immaculate Heart in Mass.

Recollects to the Sacred Heart, Scranton PA

Opus mariae, not sure where located

Servants minor of St Francis, Elmhurst PA

These are all that I can think of that serve the Indult in the USA, im sure I have missed a few.

Wow! I never realized that there were so many. I attend a Fraternity of St. Peter parish but supposed that there had to be other traditional orders (although I hate that term traditional… as if any order that’s under the Pope and faithful to his teachings isn’t traditional).

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