Latin Mass priests = homily?

Do latin masses have a homily? Thanks.

Yes, and during this time the scriptures are almost always read again in english for the people to understand and so they may be expounded in the sermon (though the sermon certainly does not have to be about the readings particularly)

One reason why even making some things (like the readings) in the vernacular in the Tridentine is unnecessary. There is a time when all the Propers can be translated for the people: during the vernacular sermon.

Yep…I went to a TLM and it was one of the best homilies I’d ever heard. :wink:

It is interesting that before Vatican II, I never heard the word homily. The priest gave a sermon. After VII, the priest gave a homily.

I understand there is a distinction. A sermon is about a theological subject and a homily is the practical application of theology. So, if Father is addressing why pornography is a sin, then he would be giving a sermon. If he is addressing how to avoid pornography such as a filter on your computer, he would be delivering a homily.

In reality, most Sundays, Father delivers a combination sermon/homily. I know, I am just splitting hairs–I just find the distinction interesting.

That is interesting…I hadn’t known that. :nope: :wink:

There is always a homily in a Sunday TLM, just as in the Sunday Novus Ordo. Its also right after the Gospel, like in the Novus Ordo.

The word Homilia, means 'to address the crowd’
So a homily is when ever the priest specifically addresses the faithful.

A sermon, by definition, is also a homily. A homily is a more general term that can include any content the priest chooses to impart to the faithful.

Absolutely and they are the best ones I have heard. Likely reflective of the training of the priests, not sure. I find most of the TLM homilies incredibly inspirational, to the point I want to stand up and cheer what the priest is saying. Never happens for me at the NO masses but no reason why it cannot.

Every homily I have heard by 5 or 6 different FSSP priests have all been top notch. The contrast is so stark from what you hear in the average diocesan parish that it is truly disconcerting.

Priests get a real spiritual and physical work-out while saying the Tridentine Mass. The extra level of fitness they gain from doing it regularly coupled with the required dediction it entails seems to carry through in their homilies.

On a side note-

The sermon is optional in the 1962 missal, not mandatory.

However you most likely will get one at every Sunday TLM Mass and also the Epistle and Gospel in the Vernacular since it was customary here in the US back then.

The sermon is also not part of the Mass. It is an option “outside” of the Mass. My pastor takes off the maniple and lays it on the open altar Missal before his sermon to show this fact.


I truly respect the TLM though I do attend a NO mass. As a contrast to what has been posted regarding the quality of homilies, in one of the two TLM masses I have attended the priest was sort of debating with himself as to when specifically the faithful should kneel and not kneel in the TLM according to his memory of pre-VII the was no linking of the gospel to the Christian experience and no real theological exposition as far as I could tell. It was sort of a commentary on proper form for the laity in the context of the TLM.

Alright all of this has made me more interested in TLM. Therefore, I will post another question.

Back in the Latin Mass days, if you attended a Mass during the week, there was usually no homily. Why, I don’t know, unless there was a time factor involved.

So, What’s the difference between a HOMILY & a SERMON??
Not just the dictionary difference, but the practical difference in the Catholic Church.
Is HOMILY a Catholic historical aka traditional term?

Most of the time there still is no daily TLM sermon. The catechisis is deeply imbedded into the Rubrics .

However, when any protestant service occurs, it has always been with a homily.
Thus by sheeeeeer coincidence, the NO mass promotes a daily mass homily.

Don’t go putting ideas into anyone’s head. Some of those Novus Ordo Masses that I’ve been to, anything goes, ya know. :rolleyes:

[quote=TNT]However, when any protestant service occurs, it has always been with a homily.
Thus by sheeeeeer coincidence, the NO mass promotes a daily mass homily.

That’s a pretty exaggerated statement, for there are no daily protestant services. Where did you come by this erroneous assumption that we borrowed the daily homily from them? :eek:

I relish a homily at daily mass, especially when the pastor gives background on a lesser known saint’s memorial. And particularly when he explains in more detail the daily scripture reading. Do you disagree that this is an excellent practice? It would be great if your priests did this in the TLM … how much you are missing out on!

Speaking of homilies, some might think that TLM means automatic inspiration par excellance beyond what is shared in the NO. Not always so. If anyone watches the mass on TV, there is one priest who gives homilies that I am eagerly attuned to and I get so much out of them! As for the others, it is a matter of opinion. One reads almost entirely from his notes, but he is new. This is not always something that one is gifted with, but he must develop and fine tune his skills - always relying on the Holy Spirit’s inspirations.

That’s a pretty exaggerated statement, for there are no daily protestant services. Where did you come by this erroneous assumption that we borrowed the daily homily from them? :eek:

Ah, what does SHEER coincidence mean to you?
Apparently it means one BORROWS or copies???
“for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory…” is also a Sheer Coincidence.

No, the Protestants do not have daily worship service. The meaning IS WHENEVER they have them, which often occurs on Wed. nites as well, mostly.
I liked the daily mass homilies when I attended a daily NOM.
They seldom exceeded 4-5 min. & nearly always about the Saint of the day or the Readings when there was none.
In the parish I went to (Anglican Use) the rosary was always after mass.
In the AU, the priest is ad Orientum.

Well, actually, it is beyond what is “shared” with the NOM.
I’ve yet to see a site anywhere that is dedicated to the superior aspects of the NOM vs TLM…I mean the whole subject of the site.
Or, how about “The Novus Ordo Mass Magazine”.dedicated to the NOM?
Now, I’ve been to countless TLM’s by countless priests, since 2000ad. MAYBE 5-8% were not top notch sermons that really struck me deep.
On the other hand, you mention ONE priest and need a TV set with Cable service to get it…says alot, no?

Oh I’ve had four or five occasions in the last year during NO homilies where I wanted to do that - one of 'em just yesterday (Palm Sunday) in fact :stuck_out_tongue:

And there’s mostly good reason that EWTN makes its homilies from daily Mass available as podcasts - you ever listened to any of 'em?

So I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss if I were you.

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