Latin mass question

I sometimes attend a church in which the Mass is the Tridentine Mass. In the sanctuary, there is a kneeler in front of each of two statues. I was curious as to who would be allowed to kneel there. Are women allowed into the sanctuary in a church with the TLM? I have only seen the priests and altar boys there. I only enter the sanctuary in my usual parish when necessary anyway, but I do sometimes pray at a kneeler in the sanctuary part of a chapel I sometimes go to. What is the protocol at a TLM? Thanks!

During Mass only the Priest, deacons, Master of Cermonies and altar boys would be allowed in the sanctuary during a TLM. Outside of Mass, I dunno.

Having kneelers in front of statues in the sanctuary sounds odd. Mind you, I once saw an usher(?) doing some correspondence at a chair and table in the sanctuary of my local church, during the day. So I suppose it depends on what the priest allows.

I think having altar rails is a very good idea, apart from using them for COTT. It sets up a psychological as well as physical barrier: “Here is holy ground, you keep out, mind your manners, this place is special …etc.”

It would not be appropriate for anyone to enter the sanctuary and kneel at the kneeler. It would be approapriate for an altar boy to kneel there and pray before or after Mass, but it would not be appropriate for one of the faithful to enter the sanctuary for that purpose.

BTW, this Church wouldn’t happen to be St. Martin of Tours, would it?

No, not St. Martin.
I didn’t think it would be appropriate to enter, but I just wasn’t sure because the kneelers confused me. I guess they could be there just for the priests, but the kneelers are only a couple of feet from the altar rail. Their presence is just a bit odd.
Thanks for the help.

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