Latin Mass


I’ve heard some anti-Catholics argue that because masses were held in Latin the common person had no understanding of what was being taught. Are there any online articles addressing this subject?


I haven’t found any…but for now you can tell them about me.

About 2 years ago our Parish priest passed away and we got a new one. From Nigeria. I live in a white midwest hamlet. A southern accent throws us and our new priest came with a huge accent. We could barely understand him.

No one missed a step in Mass and during his homily he spoke slower and gave us time to understand his meaning.

People learned what was being said in Mass. It was passed from one generation to the other.

Oh, and if no one understood what was being said, why are there protestants? Apparently they learned enough to become heretics!

Just because Latin wasn’t the everyday language of the people doesn’t mean that they had any trouble understanding it when spoken to them. They probably learned it as children.

By the way, in the last 2 years our priest has learned more English, lost some of his accent and we have learned to understand him when he speaks at a normal speed. People adapt and adjust NOW…I’m sure that they were able to in the past as well. :smiley:


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