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I grew up with the Latin Mass and after forty years I’m going to attend one tomorrow. I still have a 1965 St Joseph’s Sunday Missal and I was wondering if I should use this one. It has both languages, but the prominent one is English. Also, can I wear slacks or do I have to wear a dress? It’s been a lot of years and I don’t remember what I wore, except for the hat, I know I wore that.
I’m looking forward to it very much, hope I remember everything I’m supposed to do. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks and God bless

The Latin Mass is indeed beautiful, however I did not grow up in it (I am only 18). As far as the rules of hat wear and so forth, I think you can treat it like any other Mass if I am not mistaken. Well I hope you enjoy it!

No - you can’t use the 1965 Missal -

By Latin Mass, if you mean Tridentine Mass, then the 1962 missal is used. If you mean the N.O. Mass in Latin, again the 1965 Missal is not used. That was an interim missal between the old and the new Mass.

If you are going to the Tridentine Latin Mass, usually when you enter the church there are missals which you can use and return after Mass. They too have Latin on one side and English on the other and instructions as to rubics (when to sit, stand, kneel, etc.)

Head covering is encouraged but not mandatory and some parishes also provide veils at the back of the Church. Dress should be modest. Communion will be received kneeling at the altar rail and on the tongue only. You do not say Amen as the priest says that for you.

If it is a dialogue Mass, some of the responses will be made in Latin by the people. If it is not a dialogue Mass, only the altar boys will say the responses.

If it is a high Mass it will be sung.

If it is a low Mass, there will be prayers after Mass following the Last Gospel.

I was born, raised, and educated in Catholic Schools through college. Then I lost my faith, and remained agnostic for almost 45 years. So my entire life I attended the Latin Mass.

I returned to HMC largely because I learned the TLM is available and that is where I am most comfortable.

I have attended mass at my local parish and was completely lost. I was confused and annoyed at being unable to concentrate on praying with all the singing, activity, and having nothing to guide me in how to respond during the service.

I felt more out of place in a Catholic Church than I did attending my wife’s Lutheran service.

I apologize if this upsets anyone, but that was my experience.

The TLM I attend is celebrated by FSSP priests and the congregation is mostly of Hungarian decent. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the fact that it seems like every Sunday is high mass or one where the congregation sings the responses. That isn’t a problem, I remembered and know the Latin responses.

My question is (finally): Have things changed in the TLM too?

I think I’ve been to two masses since November when the mass was spoken.

And every mass seems to be close to 2 hours long. It was only about an hour or hour & a quarter long (depending on communion and the sermon/homily) when I was growing up.

Hello bobrec…Similar story here in some respects, although I didn’t lose my Faith. I consider it fortunate I was for many years able to attend masses (TLM) celebrated by a Fransciscan Father who held a Celebret which allowed him to continue saying the Tridentine Mass. I was also fortunate in being able to attend TLM celebrated by an old Father who has since retired and moved on. Currently I attend the OF Mass. Once a month if I’m able, I travel in order to attend TLM, a low Mass which lasts about an hour. Maybe it takes longer for you because it’s a high Mass. I can understand your feelings because I guess I felt the same, some 40 odd years ago, and even today there are some things which set the alarm bells ringing! No, I’m not aware of any changes in TLM.



Thank you for your response. It may have sounded as though I am complaining but I am not.

I was curious because it seems as though the mass takes more time now than I had remembered.

But that was a very long time ago and I’m much more cognizant about time now! :wink:

one of the best most pastoral things about increased availability of TLM or EF is precisely for returning Catholics of my generation to reduce culture shock. the second best thing is that where reverenly celebrated with good music and other supporting elements it makes it much easier for those from more traditional liturgical denominations like some Anglicans and Lutherans to come home.

I have been attending the Latin rite for about 10 yrs now, and absolutely love it. I had a missal given to me and use it everytime I go.

Your head may be covered or not and slacks are fine.
Your missal will be fine. Hope you enjoy and leave at peace and with joyful as our family does each time we attend.:wink:

to Joanne,

I don’t know about the missal, if you meant 1962, then yes it will work, 1965 as someone else said may be a bit different

Slacks are fine, you may find a higher percentage wearing dresses or long skirts, but its still your choice. Same with the head covering

to Bobrec,

Quite frankly, priests these days seem to be slower. I was not alive prior to V2, but from what I have heard, your account of an hour fifteen is about accurate. And from my experience an hour and half to two is accurate for today. I think part of it is just slower latin, partially to be more prayerful, partially because even those who say only the Latin Mass do not know latin as priests did before (for example some Cardinals at V2 would give speeches in Latin, being as fluent in it as their native language).

Latin Mass has gotten a little louder as well, the push for more audible prayers has been common, as have dialogue masses with the whole congregation saying the responses (the Et cum spiritu tuo type ones) rather than just the servers.

But no, there haven’t been an substantive changes to the Mass.

Thank you to everyone for your input.

Yesterday (Palm Sunday) proved the accuracy of Senor Salsa’s explanation. Because of the long gospel detailing the passion of Our Lord, the priest’s reading in Latin took a lot of time. He read at a reasonably good pace but stumbled quite a few times.

I’m sure the priests in my youth also had trouble from time to time, but given that many post-VII priests are out of practice it is understandable.

In any case, his homily was brief and he did not read the Epistle & Gospel in English as is normally done. Even with a long communion line, the mass was about an hour & fifteen minutes. So it appears that the spoken mass is the same as I remembered after all. :thumbsup:

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