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What I find odd is that here in the Archdiocese in Philadelphia there are only two Chuches that hold a Tridentine Latin Mass maybe twice a week, at the most. And there at odd ball times. Of all the Churches in the Archdiocese only “two”. Pathetic!!!. It should be mandated by Rome that every parish should at the very least, hold one Latin Mass on Sundays and Holydays, so every Roman Catholic, can witness, and participate in a Tridentine Mass if they wish. Call it laziness or what, but it is a sad thing. Another reason I find Orthodoxy a blessing.:highprayer:

Only two Masses, maybe twice a week: far from pathetic if you ask me, in Ireland their are very few TLMasses, in my diocese a priest has to come from Italy once a month to say Mass for one day maybe two, in a neibouring diocese they have a Mass once a year, and I don’t think they had one last year. Every priest in the diocese was asked if he would say the Mass, the only priests who showed interst were too old :(We have to limit the Mass to one hour because its between two Novus Ordo Masses. I would love the have the Mass as frequently as in your diocese

Ah yes Fr.Lebocq, he came back from Ireland while I was visiting Gricigliano for a week, about a month ago.

But alas, I would have to agree with the OP, the whole situation is pathetic, the Mass of Ages shoved to the sidelines… I wont get downhearted, or go into schism over it, whether that be the SSPV and the like, or Orthodoxy.

How many people attend and support those Masses?

I know what you mean. Many of us have been there. Being sandwiched in between the NO influences has probably turned a few away.

You know Fr.Lebocq? The first time I served Mass it was for him, and still do, very funny man and serious about what he does.God Bless him. I was talking to him Sathurday and I think another priest will come once a month from September on:(

Yes :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to become a Seminarian (God Willing) in the ICRSS this September. I met him when I visited their Seminary (Gricigliano) last month.

What did you think of their seminary? I am very interested
in the Institute as well.

Bkovacs – There is a church in Norristown that does the Tridentine Rite Latin mass I believe every Sunday. I can’t remember the name as I haven’t been there. There is also Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ (although that’s in the diocese of Camden). I’ve attended St. Michaelmas mass there and a friend of ours actually goes down there from Philadelphia when he can. He works as an organist for a Lutheran church.

In terms of how much support it receives, I don’t know. Although we’re fortunate to have these masses “close”, it is inconvenient for most to travel to Norristown or Berlin. I don’t think our Archbishop is opposed to the idea of having more, but I can’t be totally certain on that. I’ve spoken with some people who are more “in the know” than I am and there may be a chance that we could get a Trid mass said at the Cathedral where I work. We currently do a NO Latin mass twice a month at high mass, but would love to see a Trid mass there. A couple of years ago there was a newly ordained priest who requested permission to say his first mass in the Tridentine Rite at the Cathedral Basilica. He was granted permission, but they could not “advertise” it. I didn’t go because I didn’t know about it. But we heard from people who did attend, that there were at least between 1000-1500 in attendance. It was apparently incredible.

Mater Ecclesiae also does a beautiful Liturgy for the feast of the Assumption at the Cathedral in Camden. My husband and I attended it for the first time this past year and we have never felt so totally at peace and filled with so much awe and ecstasy for God.

Quote: “and we have never felt so totally at peace and filled with so much awe and ecstasy for God”. To bad the rest of the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t feel that way. Like what I got when I first went into an Orthodox Church “awe and total peace”. Same feeling the emisaries of Vladamir from Kiev felt when they traveled to Constantinople and attended a Divine Liturgy. “We did not know if we were in heaven or on earth”. :slight_smile:

If these same emisaries from Kiev were with us today and traveled to a modern day Roman Catholic Mass, with GUITARS, modern day hymms, and clapping. They would have said “we did not know if we were at a musical or at a folk festival”:smiley:

Yes, but actually, there are many devout Roman Catholics who feel this way regarding the Tridentine Rite Mass or for a NO mass that is free of liturgical abuses. Perhaps they are in the minority for now, but I think it is growing. For instance… I ran into a number of people at the Trid mass for the Feast of Assumption, who actually attend the NO at our Cathedral. But whenever they have a chance to attend a Trid mass they will. Some of these people, I would have not even thought they would like attending Trid masses, but they do. I’m optimistic that things are changing or will be changing. It will probably be harder out in the suburban parishes, but I’m starting to see it in some city parishes.

Same here! :slight_smile:

Any Mass/Divine liturgy improperly celebrated is a mess. I attended a DL at it as (to quote one of the Brady’s) positively goofey.

The NO Mass I attended at Christ’s tomb was the best one I’ve ever seen (including TLM, which I normally prefer).

Rejection of the authority of the Roman Pontiff over the Churches in the East is hardly a blessing.

We should fervently pray for the Orthodox to return to full communion with Rome.

What’s better for my soul. Me being an Orthodox Christian and going to mass every Sunday, on holy days, and learning from the teachings of the early church fathers, by priests who follow the holy tradition of the church as a whole. Or sitting at home every Sunday, hoping someday the Latin mass will return to my local Roman Catholic parish, because I REFUSE to sit through a mass with GUITARS, and LAY MINISTERS giving holy communion, and hearing God’s word taught to me by liberal priests, who never refer to the teachings of the early church fathers.:thumbsup:

Twice a week is an absolute blessing. I only get the TLM at most twice a month! And even for that I am grateful since some dioceses don’t offer the TLM at all.

Well, the NO Mass is still a valid Mass (however it is celebrated commonly) and if you outright refuse to attend it, then that is a sin. And the answer is not to start attending the Liturgies of schismatics, traditional and beautiful though they be. If you feel drawn to Eastern tradition, then you should be attending an Eastern Catholic Mass. Liturgical abuse is not solved through a rejection of the Church and Her Divinely-appointed authority on earth.

I’ll tell my Orthodox priest that it is a sin to be at Church. He’ll probably laugh!:rotfl:

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