Latin Masses in the NYC Metropolitan area

I would like to know if anyone here has information on Traditional Latin Masses that I can attend in the NYC Metro Area?

Also I heard there is a SSPX place in the heart of Manhattan. Anyone heard of that place?

Anyway I would love suggestions comments on the places and transportation suggestions IE( Car rental, public transport ETC) on how to get to some of the churches.

Don’t rent a car in the city. You don’t need it and it is too difficult to park. Public transportation is fine.

Interesting enough, there are a number of churches in NYC (Archdiocese of New York) where the EF is offered regularly. The same cannot, unfortunately, be said for the diocese of Brooklyn. Anyway, have a look here. And be sure to follow-up with a phone call to be sure of the times, etc.

Church of the Holy Innocents
128 W. 37th St. bet. Broadway & 7th Ave.
6PM Monday through Friday
Sung Mass on Wednesdays
1PM Saturdays
Sunday Mass underway

Church of St. Agnes
East 43rd Street Between Lexington & Third Avenues.
11AM Sundays
615PM Last Monday of the Month

Church of Our Saviour
59 Park Avenue East 38th Street
9AM Sundays

SSPX Chapel (St. Christopher’s Mission)
283 Lexington Avenue Between 36th and 37th
2nd Floor of the Soldier’s, Sailor’s, Airmen’s & Marine’s Club
1:30PM Sundays

First class relics will be available for veneration this Sunday at 1130am in the chapel.

More thorough information can be read here

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