Latin name for carol

I am looking for Latin experts and I guess this is the best place to look,this question is more mundane than you usually see on this section.
My brother has just phoned me and asked if there is an Latin form of the female name Carol.
Can anybody help please:confused:

It would be Carol in Latin too, I reckon. Maybe Carola. In fact in Latin Carol (Carolus) is the masculine form.

Is it possible then that a woman for some reason could have a masculine name - you know ending in -us? I know this’d be strange but…still.


The name “Carol” was originally a man’s name. It is the anglicized version of “Carolus”, which is the Latin form of “Charles” – an old German name meaning “strong and manly”. :slight_smile:

sorry I meant in Latin :o


I’m not sure of the Latin form of Carol, but I would say that it is possible for a woman to have a masculine name as there are a few examples in the Romance languages. For example, in Spanish the names Rosario and Consuelo are masculine in form, but are in actuality female names.

While I am not sure any Classical Romans were actually so named, if they were a man would have been Carolus; a woman would have been Carola.

I am not aware of any. There were, however, some masculine names of the first declension*, Agrippa comes to mind. If ever a woman did bear a masculine name, pronouns, adjectives, et cetera referring to her would be feminine (remember: such agreement must be in number, case and gender, (not: declension)).

(* In the first declension, ending in -a, words are typically feminine, but with notable counter examples, eg *agricola *(farmer), *poeta *(poet), *nauta *(sailor) )


How about another form of the name, such as “Carolina” or “Carlotta”? Think of the English female versions Carolina and Charlotte.

In Italian we have a derivative from the Latin and it is Carola. Is it considered quite obsolete.

If I am not mistaken, “Carolina”, or more specifically, Carolinus, -a, -um, is the adjectival form of Carolus / Carola, not nominal.

For instance, the US territory of Carolina, now the states of North and South Carolina, was named in honor of King Charles I (And similarly, we might describe the customs and times of that king as “Carolingian”). It was undoubted called by the feminine “Carolina” in agreement with *terra *(land) or similar.


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