Latin no longer the offical language of the Church?

I was listenig to Catholic Anwswers on the Radio and heard, I think it was Patrick Madrid, comment that with the recent synod it was anounced that Latin would no longer be the offical language of the Church…How can this be. For all of these years mos all Church documents were in latin…and isn’t the Latin language amost devoid of the possiblity of ambuguity. If this is true…I am disappointed.

I think you misunderstood. Latin is still the official language for the Church. What was being discussed was that Latin was not used as the official language of the recent Synod. Pope Francis decided to use Italian as the official language of the Synod.


Pope Francis has decided that Latin will not be the official language of a worldwide gathering of bishops at the Vatican.

Italian, the lingua franca of the Vatican, would become the synod’s official language, he said.

Latin remains the official language of the universal Church. It is used as the language of reference for translating major documents into modern languages.

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