Latin, Non Roman/Latin Rite

This may not be answerable unless you live in the Diocease of Raleigh, NC, but does anyone know a parish that offers Latin Mass or Mass in a different rite?

Or perhaps a website where I could search for parishes? I checked the Diocease of Raleigh website, but I couldn’t tell just by looking at the names of all the parishes. I don’t feel like reading every single church website, but I will if I have to!


There is one episcopally approved Mass using the 1962 rubrics (the “Tridentine” Mass) in Dunn, NC at Sacred Heart Church at 4:00pm on Sundays. Hope this helps.

Whew. Almost an hour drive. Maybe one of these weeks when I have Monday off.

Thanks though :smiley: I would of thought it would be offered somewhere in Raleigh, but I guess not. (At least not the 4 or 5 churchs I have checked with)

hey we used to be in durham and we would go to st. cyril & methodonius Byzantine Catholic Church in Cary. There were a lot of a ‘refugees’ there! you should be able to find it at

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