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Can anyone recommend a good Latin prayer book? I recently purchased the 1957 edition of The Raccolta (the one from Loretto Publications). I really like it, but I want something a little smaller (ie. pocket size) that has all the basic prayers in Latin and English. The Raccolta just has too much to be able to effectively use as an everyday prayer book (there’s around 700 pages of prayers). Can anyone recommend a smaller Latin prayer book?

Does anyone know anything about this one:

Is this one still too big? I am having a hard time finding a smaller Latin prayer book. This one looks to be about the smallest I’ve seen.

I also checked out Blessed Be God, but this one seems to be about the same size as The Raccolta:

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

There are a number of excellent prayer books of latin and english prayers available, but as you’ve noted they are rather large books. You might find some more to your requirements on the following links which I can recommend.

*Preces Selectae *(#24 on the page). No English. All Latin.

Definitely pocket-sized – 3[SUP]3[/SUP]/[SUB]8[/SUB] x 5[SUP]1[/SUP]/[SUB]2[/SUB] x [SUP]1[/SUP]/[SUB]2[/SUB] inches.


I use a prayer commemoration book at home. It may also be useful to you:

Good book but might have to order this from a non-English site.


I’ve got a little booklet from the Vatican press, “Orationes”, just over 30 pages, with everything you’d need on a regular basis in it, but only Latin. ISBN 88-209-1767-X

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