Latin Prayers

Does anyone know of some resources I could use to learn how to correctly pronounce Latin words? Specifically, I want to learn how to pray the rosary in Latin. Thanks.

Latin pronounciation is quite easy:

And for your prayers:

Thank you.:slight_smile:

This is the site that I used. It is excellent and a lot of fun.:thumbsup:
The Prayers of the Rosary in Latin

*ahem *[thread=121562]LATIN: Language Study Resources[/thread] :wink:


I just bought a CD with the Rosary in Latin. It comes with a guide that has the prayers written in English and Latin.

I should probably be more specific. Mea culpa.

Try this post [post=1751341]LATIN: Language Study Resources #13[/post].


Thank you to everyone who has posted. These resources all look great and I’ll probably use all of them to help me out. Thanks again.

Once you learn to pronounce, this site has more Latin prayers than you’ll know what to do with!

(check out the Table of Contents and Index by Name).


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