Latin Prefaces


Is there a cyberlink that has the Latin for all the prefaces in the Roman missal? I can find these prefaces in English translation but not the Latin for all of them (I have the Latin for some of them). Can anyone help me out in this regard ?




The entire 2002 Missale Romanum with the IGMR is available in Latin.


Thank you for the links. They were very helpful. I find the Latin illuminating (even with the new more literal English translation).

I understand that there are 80 prefaces. Is there any place where I can go to find the Latin for all of them?


You’re welcome. If you select “Prefaces” with the link posted above, there are 112**.**


This is nice. Thanks.


Thank you. I now understand how the link works. It’s extremely helpful.

I hate to ask but is there a corresponding link with the English translations of the 112 Latin prefaces?


That (translations) might be a copyright violation. Just guessing but it should be presumed.


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